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Fired Technical College President Hired By Alabama State

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Fired Technical College President Hired By Alabama State 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A state lawmaker who has been trying to regain his job with the state’s two-year colleges has been given a $50,000-a-year contract with Alabama State University.
Rep. Thad McClammy’s contract was approved by the Alabama State University Board of Trustees. The Montgomery Democrat will assist ASU President William Harris in public relations efforts with property owners in a neighborhood near the university. Residents there are angered by the university’s purchase of land in the area for expansion.
“The job was not created for me,” says McClammy, who was fired by the state Board of Education four years ago from his job as president of Trenholm State Technical College. Although an audit found about $800,000 was mishandled during his tenure, auditors have said they don’t believe he benefited personally from the funds.
McClammy has disputed the audit, but agreed last year to repay $65,000. The college also has to repay misspent federal funds.
McClammy had been trying to return to work with the state’s two-year college system. He has about two years before he is fully vested in the state’s retirement system. A federal lawsuit he filed last year is pending.
Harris said McClammy has been on the job for several weeks. He said ASU officials approached McClammy about the job because he knows the neighborhood well. 

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