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Keep It Real Diverse Game and Workshop


In Case You Missed It… Professor Tackles Turbulent History of Latinos and the LAPD Duke Students Persist in Demands for Asian American Studies Major Is it Time for a New NCAA? Final Four of Urban Design Gives Students Real-life Experience
In Case You Missed It… Even on Final Day on Job, Haynes Still Fighting for HBCUs  Disparities in STEM Degree Attainment Remain Key Issue  Chicago State Sends Faculty, Staff and Administrators Layoff Notices Education Expert: There’s Not Enough Follow Through...
In Case You Missed It… Terrorist Fear Emerges as Biggest Threat to Diversity on Campus and Our Nation Scalia’s ‘Mismatch Theory’ a Foe to Diversity, Inclusion Raising Consciousness for the Future of Higher Education Studies Show MSIs Best Value in Higher Education...
Diverse on the Go Ralph Newell, Vice President for Business Development & Technology, is representing Diverse at the HERC Annual Fall Meeting in Portland, Oregon, through Thursday.
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