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Mississippi State’s Bully Mascot Settles with ESPN


by Associated Press

ABERDEEN, Miss. ― A former Mississippi State University cheerleader has settled her wrongful injury case with ESPN for an undisclosed sum.

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports Michaela Mills was dressed as the MSU mascot Bully during the 2013 Egg Bowl when she was run over by a motorized television camera cart. The lawsuit alleged the collision caused a compound fracture to her lower left leg. Mills underwent surgery to insert a rod and pins in her leg, and she continues to experience pain.

She sued both ESPN and Mississippi State University in May 2015, asking for more than $75,000 in actual and compensatory damages. Since MSU employees were not in control of the television cart, a federal judge released the school from the lawsuit in February.

The two sides reached an agreement in late June.

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