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James B. Ewers Jr.
Members of the academy offer insight into current events and higher education issues that impact people of color.

How Did the Republicans Lose Their Hope and Their Party?

by | October 24, 2016
The political posturing and back and forth will come to a screeching halt on Tuesday, November [...] Read more

Freshman Year Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

by | October 18, 2016
I don’t think that I had any bouts with stress while I was in college. Of course, the word [...] Read more

Our Voices will be Heard When We Vote in November

by | October 9, 2016
America is the home of the brave and the land of the free. One of the greatest privileges that [...] Read more

Hands Up, Hands Down! It Doesn’t Matter

by | September 21, 2016
I was talking to one of my childhood friends today about the shooting of an unarmed African-Ame [...] Read more

Education the Ticket for Success

by | September 7, 2016
Having a solid education will help you in your future endeavors. This is what many of us know, [...] Read more

Diversity a Winner at Olympics

by | August 21, 2016
If you believe in diversity like I do, the Olympic Games set a really high bar. [...] Read more

Skills of a 21st Century Leader

by | July 26, 2016
It seems as though challenges, uncertainty, tragedies and economic downturns are taking hold of [...] Read more

Happy Father’s Day to My Dad and Men Everywhere

by | June 17, 2016
I have not been able to say Happy Father’s Day to my dad because he passed away and went to h [...] Read more

High School Graduates Poised to Make a Difference

by | May 17, 2016
It is that time of year when high school graduations will be front and center. These festive ev [...] Read more

#BlackLivesMatter Movement Should Broaden Perspective

by | April 22, 2016
We must be proactive in our communities to stop the violence among us. [...] Read more

Politicians Sometimes Say the Strangest Things

by | March 31, 2016
Primaries and caucuses are events that are happening almost every week now [...] Read more

Passing On Our History to the Next Generation

by | February 10, 2016
There are some compelling questions to be asked regarding Black History Month as we know it no [...] Read more

The King Holiday is Over. Now What?

by | January 27, 2016
As we now pass the King Holiday and onto February, which is Black History Month, let us rededic [...] Read more

Keeping the Faith for African-American Males

by | January 6, 2016
Well, 2016 is officially here and, as Black people, we must stop this violence upon ourselves. [...] Read more

Where is the America that I Used to Know?

by | December 8, 2015
There is a disturbing part of America that has reared its ugly head and is making an attempt to [...] Read more