Black Issues - Higher Education

Future of HBCUs Hinges on Ability to Evolve

by Cherise Lesesne | February 18, 2013
The need for stronger, more efficient administration lies at the forefront of HBCUs’ most pla [...] Read more

N.C. State Preserves Black History with Mobile Web App

by Ronald Roach | February 17, 2013
North Carolina State University offers its university community and visitors “Red, White & Bl [...] Read more

Florida A&M Law School Warned it is not Meeting Standards

by Gary Fineout, Associated Press |
The American Bar Association’s report points out that 30 percent of the students admitted eit [...] Read more

For-Profit Admissions Officers File EEOC Complaints

by Jamal Watson |
Group at Art Institute of Pittsburgh alleges they were pressured to enroll as many students as [...] Read more

New Class Heading Into Black College Football Hall of Fame

by Steven J. Gaither | February 14, 2013
The 2013 class includes six players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. [...] Read more

Angela Davis Electrifies Gallaudet University

by Barrington M. Salmon |
She has been a seminal figure in the civil and women’s rights movements for decades, but educ [...] Read more

Tales of Desegregation: East Carolina University

by T.A. Copper | February 11, 2013
When East Carolina University integrated in 1962, it did so without much public fanfare. [...] Read more

Black History Month Not Universally Supported

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | February 10, 2013
Scholars among those questioning the need for Black History Month, saying it trivializes the Af [...] Read more

TRIO Program Advocates Seek Support in Congress

by Ronald Roach | February 6, 2013
TRIO program advocates made a timely plea for congressional support of what is the federal gove [...] Read more

Maryland HBCUs Rally to Secure Futures

by Cherise Lesesne | February 5, 2013
Students and others are bringing attention to the lawsuit against the state of Maryland that cl [...] Read more

College Administrators Discuss Dealing With Increased Government Involvement

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 4, 2013
Institutions are anticipating more scrutiny, more accountability and more unfunded reporting r [...] Read more

Scholars Work to Highlight Contributions of Anti-Lynching Activist Wells

by Jamal Watson | February 3, 2013
The significance of Ida B. Wells as a pioneering activist and journalist sometimes has been ove [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: The First Eight Months

by Matthew Lynch | January 28, 2013
An interview with Dr. Kent Smith, the new president of Langston University, to talk about the f [...] Read more

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Establishes President-in-Residence Position

by Ronald Roach |
The Thurgood Marshall College Fund has appointed John W. Garland, the former president of Centr [...] Read more

North Carolina HBCUs Hold Hazing Summit

by Steven J. Gaither | January 24, 2013
Five North Carolina HBCUs joined together in an effort to increase hazing awareness and attempt [...] Read more