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Amended Bill Would Allow South Carolina State Trustees to Finish Their Terms

by Diverse Staff | May 24, 2012
An amended bill to restructure the South Carolina State University Board of Trustees was approv [...] Read more

Thurgood Marshall College Fund STEM Internships Funded by $400,000 USDA Grant

by Diverse Staff | May 21, 2012
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (A [...] Read more

Celebrities Help Cornel West Bid Princeton Farewell

by Jamal Watson | May 18, 2012
Celebrities like Lupe Fiasco, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Harry Belafonte, joined with h [...] Read more

FAMU Marching Band Suspension Expected to be Costly

by Reginald Stuart | May 17, 2012
Questions still linger over FAMU marching band operations, including how 101 non-FAMU students [...] Read more

Commentary: Young, Black and Attending College in Small Town, USA

by Jillian Rochelle Watts | May 15, 2012
As I find myself working in higher education in a rural setting, I look at the African-American [...] Read more

Famed FAMU Marching Band Suspended Another Year

by Gary Fineout, The Associated Press |
Florida A&M University's famed marching band is being suspended for at least one more schoo [...] Read more

Northwestern U. Scholars Mobilized in Countering Blog Attack on Black Studies

by Cassandra West | May 14, 2012
Northwestern University scholars wasted no time responding to the April 30 blog by Naomi Schaef [...] Read more

FAMU Band Director Julian White Resigns

by Reginald Stuart | May 11, 2012
Dr. Julian White, the 71-year-old veteran music educator whose career became tarnished after th [...] Read more

Learning the New Economic Reality

by Pearl Stewart | May 9, 2012
Business schools at historically Black institutions are encouraging students to adapt and be fl [...] Read more

Black Panthers: Activists for Healthy Communities

by B. Denise Hawkins | May 8, 2012
Dr. Alondra Nelson of Columbia University didn’t set out to find stethoscopes and white [...] Read more

Fisk University Seeks New Leader, New Direction

by Reginald Stuart |
Experts weigh in on the next steps Fisk University and its supporters should take toward succes [...] Read more

New Book Explores History of Black Studies

by Jamal Eric Watson | May 7, 2012
In her new book The Black Revolution on Campus, Dr. Martha Biondi of Northwestern University ch [...] Read more

Thirteen Charged in FAMU Marching Band Hazing Death

by Reginald Stuart | May 3, 2012
A total of 33 people connected with hazing incidents involving the Florida A&M University m [...] Read more

Tufts University Moving to Expand Black Studies Program

by Kenneth J. Cooper | May 2, 2012
New Tufts University leadership aims to make up for lost time in responding to calls to establi [...] Read more

Florida A&M University Takes ‘Employment Actions’ over Hazing Incidents

by Diverse Staff |
Florida A&M University officials say "appropriate employment actions" have been taken again [...] Read more