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Limbo Name of Game for Non-revenue-generating Collegiate Sports

by Lois Elfman | January 18, 2015 In the wake of conference realignments and game-changing court decisions, stakeholders in non-r Read more

NCAA to Honor Former Paralympic Winner With Inspiration Award

by Catherine Morris | January 15, 2015 Former Norfolk State University track star and Paralympic winner, April Holmes, overcomes adver Read more

In Collegiate Athletics, Football Coaches Drive the Bus

by Autumn A. Arnett | January 8, 2015 With so much on the line, the coach is under immense pressure to win at any cost. That cost oft Read more

Experts Say Student-Athlete Grad Rates Manipulated in University Cash Games

by Autumn A. Arnett | January 7, 2015 Attendees at the inaugural Black Student Athlete Conference discuss whether Black student-athle Read more

Is Higher Ed Culture Discouraging to Student-Athlete Activism?

by Autumn A. Arnett | December 14, 2014 The Georgetown University men’s basketball team Wednesday became the first collegiate team to Read more

Former Athletes Greater Advocates for Change at Intercollegiate Forum

by Lois Elfman | December 11, 2014 From issues such as student-athletes unionizing to maximizing the student part of student-athle Read more

Academic Racism in Play in Regard to Athletes

by Johari R. Shuck | December 7, 2014 The University of North Carolina has contributed in a bold and disturbing way to one of the gre Read more

Wins for College Athletes in Court Could Cost Fellow Students

by Matt Krupnick, The Hechinger Report | December 1, 2014 High-profile legal cases and NCAA policy changes are likely to boost the cost of fielding big-t Read more

NCAA Institute Tackling Mental Health Concerns of Athletes

by Kenneth J. Cooper | November 10, 2014 College athletes suffer from the same mental issues as many other college students, including a Read more

Former University of North Carolina Football Player Files Lawsuit

by Tom Foreman, Associated Press | Former University of North Carolina football player Michael McAdoo has filed a lawsuit against Read more

Failures in Oversight Worsened University of North Carolina Academic Fraud

by Aaron Beard and Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press | October 26, 2014 Failures in Oversight Worsened University of North Carolina Academic Fraud. Read more

Federal Appeals Court Won’t Reinstate Discrimination Suit Against Savannah State

by Eric Freedman | October 13, 2014 A federal appeals court has refused to reinstate a discrimination case against Savannah State U Read more

Diverse Conversations: The University Presidency and Athletics

by Matthew Lynch | October 1, 2014 Having a world-class athletic program can be a great source of pride for a president and his or Read more

Recent Attention on Athletes Not an Indictment of Black Men

by Autumn A. Arnett | September 22, 2014 Recent high-profile legal struggles of NFL running backs Ray Rice (formerly of the Baltimore Ra Read more

Women Seek to Sustain Progress Amid Power Shift in College Sports

by Lois Elfman | September 16, 2014 Whether it’s fostering respect for diversity, discussing sports stories in the headlines or n Read more
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White Privilege: How It Undermines Our Best Efforts to Diversify and Be Inclusive
January 27, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time