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Academic Bullying: A Problem on College Campuses

by Arelis Hernandez | June 11, 2010
The disintegration of civility in higher education is a growing concern for university faculty [...] Read more

Scholar Says Research Universities Not Serious About Faculty Diversity

by Arelis Hernandez | June 10, 2010
To Dr. M. Cookie Newsom, director for diversity education and assessment at the University of N [...] Read more

Taking Diversity to the Next Level

by Reginald Stuart | June 9, 2010
With expanded management and planning responsibilities, high-ranking chief diversity officers a [...] Read more

Becoming a Force for Diversity and Inclusion

by Jamal Eric Watson | June 8, 2010
Rosemary E. Kilkenny is Georgetown University’s vice president for institutional diversity a [...] Read more

Arizona State Forum: Fixing U.S. Education

by Joyce Jones | June 7, 2010
Taking the uncommon step as a public flagship university to help stimulate the national convers [...] Read more

Symposium: Education Leaders Recommend Priorities for HBCUs

by Whitney L. J. Howell | June 4, 2010
In the view of the Obama administration’s top education official, historically Black colleges [...] Read more

Public Policy Takes Center Stage at Race and Ethnicity Conference

by Arelis Hernandez | June 3, 2010
Organizers of the 2010 National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education used proxi [...] Read more

Experts Explore Black-White Divide in Youth Employment

by Joyce Jones | June 2, 2010
The Urban Institute hosted a policy discussion Tuesday that examined the racial discrepancies i [...] Read more

Community College Conference Urges Focus on Student Success

by Valerie Menard | June 1, 2010
The theme of improving student success in community colleges took center stage Monday at the Na [...] Read more

Learning Disabilities Researcher Brings Attention to Overlooked Asian American Students

by Lydia Lum | May 28, 2010
 As an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Massachusett [...] Read more

Improving K-12 Education Key to Reaching U.S. College Completion Goal, Education Secretary Says

by Arelis Hernandez | May 27, 2010
On Wednesday, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said America is still the envy of the world [...] Read more

Collaboration Among USC Researchers, Western States Seeks To Spur Minority College Success

by Arelis Hernandez | May 26, 2010
The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education and the USC  Center for Urban Educa [...] Read more

Asian American Studies at a Crossroads

by Lydia Lum | May 25, 2010
Scholars fear the evolution of Asian American studies toward ethnic-specific courses means stud [...] Read more

Former Sheriff Named Interim President at Historically Black Florida-based College

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | May 24, 2010
Last week, Nat Glover, a former Duval County sheriff, became interim president of the African M [...] Read more

Joint Center Report Urges Research and Policy Changes to Boost the Involvement of Expectant Fathers

by Joyce Jones | May 21, 2010
The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Commission on Paternal Involvement in Pr [...] Read more