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High School Graduation Rates Low Where Most American Indians, Alaska Natives Live, Report Says

by Mary Annette Pember | February 19, 2010
A new national report has found that fewer than 50 percent of Native American Indian and Alaska [...] Read more

Coming to Grips With Negrophobia

by Arelis Hernandez | February 18, 2010
Though they share heritage and language, the relationship between Black Latin Americans and the [...] Read more

Racially-Targeted Billboard Campaign Links African-Americans, Abortion

by Errin Haines, Associated Press Writer | February 17, 2010
Among African-American leaders opposing a racially-targeted pro-life billboard campaign, Spelma [...] Read more

Black Professor Denied Tenure at Emerson Vindicated by Report

by Arelis Hernandez | February 16, 2010
Emerson College has released a report produced by an independent panel that has found fault w [...] Read more

UAH Professor’s Family, Friends: No Suspicion of Potential Violence

by Desiree Hunter and Kristin M. Hall, Associated Press Writers | February 15, 2010
An Alabama professor accused of shooting six colleagues was vocal in her resentment over being [...] Read more

Black History Special Book Review: Redefining ‘Black Power’

by Angela P. Dodson | February 12, 2010
Images from the heyday of the Black Power movement live on in popular culture, but the view ten [...] Read more

Black History Special: Students Mentored By Civil Rights Veterans Changed American History

by Robert Anthony Watts | February 11, 2010
In 1960, students attending colleges and universities in Greensboro, N.C., Nashville, and locat [...] Read more

Obama’s First Year: Many Ideas, Some Achievements

by Charles Dervarics | February 10, 2010
For many higher education leaders, President Barack Obama’s first year presented a watershed [...] Read more

Revised FAFSA Form Easing Financial Aid Process

by Charles Dervarics | February 9, 2010
The Obama administration unveiled the new FAFSA form recently in a visit to a high school in W [...] Read more

Criminal Justice Scholar Dispels Racial Stereotypes

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | February 5, 2010
At Penn State Harrisburg, Dr. Shaun Gabbidon focuses primarily on three areas: racial profiling [...] Read more

Miss. HBCU Merger Proposal Halted; JSU President Faces Scrutiny

by Pearl Stewart | February 4, 2010
Public discussion in Mississippi has now moved from merging the three HBCUs to how to adequatel [...] Read more

Struggling Through the Cuts

by Lydia Lum | February 3, 2010
California students and faculty grapple with the effects of draconian state cuts to postseconda [...] Read more

Obama Budget Plans More for Education

by Charles Dervarics | February 2, 2010
Federal education programs would receive a 7-percent boost under the Obama administration’s p [...] Read more

Protesters Reflect on Success of Student Sit-ins

by Martha Waggoner, Associated Press Writer | February 1, 2010
Fifty years ago today, four college freshmen walked quietly into a Greensboro dime store, bough [...] Read more

Academy Standing Up for the Count

by Reginald Stuart | January 29, 2010
With federal dollars on the line, colleges are working to prevent an undercount of college stud [...] Read more