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Paternalism and Temple’s Enduring Black Studies Crisis

by Ibram H. Rogers | March 20, 2013
Back in November, I blogged on the crisis in the Department of African-American Studies (DAAS) [...] Read more

Creating a More Successful College Experience for Black Students

by Grover McDaniel, Ph.D. | March 18, 2013
We first need to begin to prepare students early for a postsecondary academic environment. [...] Read more

The Budgeting Crisis Shouldn’t Hold You Back

by Al Krulick | March 10, 2013
Despite the gathering storm clouds, college students and those preparing for college should not [...] Read more

Oberlin College and the Popular Fables of Hate and Ignorance

by Ibram H. Rogers | March 5, 2013
Oberlin College administrators suspended classes “and all non-essential activities” on Mond [...] Read more

Hypocrisy, Social Capital, and the Shadow Process

by Aaron N. Taylor | February 28, 2013
The admissions cycle is in full swing. Applicants are waiting with bated breath as committees p [...] Read more

Stephens Found His Calling in Fundraising

by Reginald Stuart | February 21, 2013
Stephens, who died Feb. 14, found his place in life and blazed trails along the way. [...] Read more

For NCAA, a Golden Opportunity to Make a Statement on Diversity

by Diverse Staff | February 18, 2013
With several new executive-level vacancies as the result of termination of enforcement division [...] Read more

The Origin and Purpose of Black History Month

by Stacy Swimp | February 13, 2013
Opinion: Black History Month has deviated from Carter G. Woodson’s initial intent to recogniz [...] Read more

Holding the Liberal Arts Line from the GOP Attack

by Dr. Ibram H. Rogers | February 6, 2013
Now, they are trying to dumb down the electorate by shelling our factory of knowledge. [...] Read more

King’s Dream Should Spark Lives of Service

by Dr. James B. Ewers | February 3, 2013
The question posed by King and reaffirmed by others is, “What are you doing for others?” [...] Read more

United We Dream Welcomes President Obama’s New Vision for Immigration Reform; Will Keep Pushing for Families and Fairness

by Greisa Martinez | January 29, 2013
Today, President Barack Obama unveiled his plan for immigration reform in a major speech in Las [...] Read more

Why I Can No Longer Support the Anti-Bullying Movement: An Ally’s Pronouncement to the Majority

by Katherine Wheatle | January 27, 2013
Once an ally of the anti-bullying movement, Katherine Wheatle discusses her qualms with the cau [...] Read more

Obama the Patriot

by David Pluviose | January 21, 2013
Like many who are identifiably African-American, my feelings of patriotism are complicated. Whe [...] Read more

Reflections on the True Meaning of MLK Day

by Dr. Ivory A. Toldson | January 18, 2013
Each of us has the potential to be that spark that started a flame that created a fire. [...] Read more

A Realistic, Pro-Active Approach to Eradicating Hazing for Greek Organizations

by Howard E. Bailey and Aaron W. Hughey | January 16, 2013
As the general public is acutely aware, hazing by fraternities continues to be an ongoing probl [...] Read more