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Not a Class Action

by Black Issues | March 4, 1999
Not a Class Action Judge rules that passage of Washington State’s Initiative 200 downgrad [...] Read more

Noteworthy Briefs

by Black Issues | February 18, 1999
Stanford Under Federal Investigation For DiscriminationSTANFORD, Calif. — Stanford University [...] Read more

Affirmative Action in a Revisionist Society

by Black Issues | January 21, 1999
Affirmative Action in a Revisionist SocietyAmerica has always sent the double-binding messages [...] Read more

BI News Briefs

by Black Issues |
Georgetown Basketball Coach John Thompson ResignsWASHINGTON — Georgetown University  Coach J [...] Read more

Reparations and Higher Education

by Black Issues | January 7, 1999
Reparations and Higher EducationThere is a continuing argument about the role of affirmative ac [...] Read more

Déjà Vu in the Bayou

by Black Issues |
Déjà Vu in the Bayou Demotion of Black administrators and promotion of White administrators r [...] Read more