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Novelist Quits Teaching at Phoenix College Over Loyalty Oath

by Associated Press | September 29, 2015

PHOENIX — A crime novelist and poet quit his job teaching creative writing at Phoenix College [...]

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Suicide Heavily Impacts LGBTQ, Native American Youth

by Tim’m West and Robert Cook | September 28, 2015

When it comes to suicide prevention, awareness and support can’t be limited to just one month [...]

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Weeks Before Hiring, New University of Iowa President Met Search Leaders

by Ryan J. Foley, Associated Press | September 15, 2015

Faculty critics said Harreld’s visit, confirmed by the university Tuesday, gives more credenc [...]

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Diverse on the Go


Diverse Executive Editor David Pluviose and Advertising Accounts Manager Jae McCadden will be c [...]

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2 University of Iowa Student Groups Say They Have Lost Faith in Regents

by Associate Press | September 9, 2015

University of Iowa students are joining the faculty in issuing votes of no-confidence in the sc [...]

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Facility Being Built at Rhode Island University Collapses

by Jennifer McDermott, Associated Press | September 1, 2015

An athletic building under construction at a private university collapsed Tuesday, injuring six [...]

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Minneapolis Project – Creating Cooks and Urban Farmers

| August 18, 2015

After living with the effects of gang violence in north Minneapolis for 16 years, Princess Titu [...]

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“Who Is a Journalist Now?” Survey Looks at Change in Media

by Lisa Leff, Associated Press | August 11, 2015

Who and what is a journalist in the age of social media, sponsored content and sagging newspape [...]

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FTC Investigating Online College University of Phoenix

by Anne Flaherty, Associated Press | July 29, 2015

The University of Phoenix, which runs an online college popular among military veterans, is un [...]

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