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Yale to Remove Carving with Gun Pointed at Native American

by Dave Collins, Associated Press | August 22, 2017
Yale University said it will remove a “problematic” doorway stone carving that depicts a Pu [...] Read more

UNR Student Won’t Be Expelled for Role in Charlottesville Protest

by Associated Press | August 16, 2017
RENO, Nev. — The president of the University of Nevada, Reno says a UNR student who gained no [...] Read more

Charlottesville Evokes Memories of the Sixties

by |
I am a product of the 1960s and grew up in a Southern city. Segregation, separate but equal, we [...] Read more

Ancestry Research Proves Stumbling Block for White Nationalists

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim |
If you want to get underneath the skin of White nationalists, check out how they react when gen [...] Read more

Those Fighting to Save DACA Still Seeking Answers

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim |
Now, just a couple of months past the five-year anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhoo [...] Read more

UVA Standing Firm in Wake of Charlottesville Violence

by Tiffany Pennamon | August 14, 2017
The nation and American democracy has progressed despite hateful bigotry for more than two cent [...] Read more

Former Obama Official Helps to Expand the Civil Rights Agenda

by Gia Savage | August 9, 2017
Vanita Gupta is the new president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Right [...] Read more

‘Just in Case,’ Is That Our New Anthem These Days?

by | July 17, 2017
In 2017, Black men in America walk a dangerous walk. The relationship between Black men and the [...] Read more

Law Enforcement Violence for 2017 ‘Normalized’

by Roberto Rodriguez | July 9, 2017
Police abuse remains pandemic in this country with no signs of abating and with no signs of acc [...] Read more

Texas Ex-track Coach’s Discrimination Lawsuit Can Go Forward

by Jim Vertuno, Associated Press | June 25, 2017
AUSTIN, Texas  — The Texas Supreme Court on Friday refused to block a sex and race discrimin [...] Read more

Scholar Documents Economic War on Chinese Restaurants

by Gia Savage | June 22, 2017
University of California, Davis law professor Gabriel “Jack” Chin and research assistant Jo [...] Read more

Rapper Parody Costs 3 Their Jobs at Grace College & Seminary

by Monica Levitan | June 20, 2017
Three employees from Grace College & Seminary were fired after a photo of them posing as “rap [...] Read more

Bill Maher Controversy Needs to be Kept in Perspective

by | June 11, 2017
While we need to continue to have debates on the n-word and other topics that affect our commun [...] Read more

In Maryland Desegregation Case, Black Colleges Seek Protected ‘Academic Niches’

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | June 8, 2017
Historically Black colleges in Maryland should have the right to offer unique, high-demand cour [...] Read more

Uncomfort Zone: Time for Higher Ed to Address Race and Class

by Marcus Bright | June 6, 2017
Many higher education institutions have made tremendous strides in addressing disparities in th [...] Read more