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Report: Asian-American Wealth Inequality Gap Widening

by Lydia Lum | December 29, 2016

Wealth among Asian Americans is so highly concentrated among those at the top of the socioecono [...]

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Grad Student Held in Stabbing Death of USC Professor Bosco Tjan

by Emil Guillermo | December 4, 2016

The University of Southern California will mourn the loss of professor Bosco Tjan in a special [...]

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Report: Housing, Food Insecurities on Rise for Community College Students

by Jamal Eric Watson |

Food and housing insecurities continue to be a major issue for community college students acros [...]

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Guillermo: Asian American Info Available, But Fox News Plays Dumb

by Emil Guillermo | October 9, 2016

Political polls usually include assessments of African Americans and Latinos. But when it comes [...]

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Asian-Americans Packing On Political Muscle

by Lydia Lum | May 21, 2015

The Asian-American population will grow 74 percent by 2040, but the number of this racial group [...]

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Yuri Kochiyama, Human Rights Advocate and Malcom X Ally, Dies

by Lydia Lum | June 4, 2014

She is perhaps most known for cradling Malcolm X’s head in her lap as he died from gunshot wo [...]

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A Model Minority? A National Look at Asian-Americans and Endowed Professors of Education

by Nicholas D. Hartlep | May 20, 2014

What would a critical look at endowed professors in colleges of education reveal? [...]

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From Classroom to Community, Professor Advocates for Social Justice

by Pearl Stewart | May 11, 2014

Dr. Matthew Lee of James Madison University heads the Cultural and Racial Diversity Studies Lab [...]

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Study: Asian Americans Gaining Equity Ground with AANAPISI Designation

by Jamal E. Mazyck | April 29, 2014

The report finds that minorities already enrolled in post-secondary education need services and [...]

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