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Police Remove Students from Occupied Paris University Site

by Associated Press | April 23, 2018 PARIS — French police removed students from a Paris university building Friday that had been Read more

Will High School Activism Hurt Your College Chances?

by Associated Press | April 18, 2018
Students risked disciplinary action at nearly 3,000 high schools in the first nationwide walkou [...] Read more

Recruitment Changes Needed to Expand Access to Higher Ed

by David Steele-Figueredo | March 25, 2018
Admissions policies in higher-ranking universities and colleges favor high-achieving applicants [...] Read more

A Call for Elite Schools to Redefine ‘Merit’

by Manuel S. Gonzalez Canche | February 19, 2018
I simply refuse to believe that talent is clustered within those who have the most. I am convin [...] Read more

More Women’s Colleges Admitting Transgender Students

by Collin Binkley, Associated Press | September 5, 2017
A wave of women’s colleges have begun admitting transgender women. But even as many schools e [...] Read more

New Application Tool is Revolutionizing College Admissions

by A.K. Brunini | August 8, 2017
Jewel White, who recently completed two years at Thomas Nelson Community College, looked to Zee [...] Read more

Maryland Bill Restricting Crime-record Use in School Admission Vetoed

| May 29, 2017
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed a bill on Friday that would stop public col [...] Read more

A Critical View of College Admissions

by Karen Gross | April 9, 2017
The entire admissions processes (barely changed over the decades apart from the introduction of [...] Read more

Scholars: Fisher Decision Gives Colleges ‘Breathing Room’ to Consider Race in Admissions

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim, Catherine Morris and Jamal Watson | June 23, 2016
A number of scholars say the Supreme Court’s decision signals that the “race-neutral” alt [...] Read more

Supreme Court Rejects Fisher, Upholds Use of Race in College Admissions

by Diverse Staff |
The U.S. Supreme Court handed the University of Texas at Austin a major victory in support of i [...] Read more