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State-focused Leaders Backing Free K-14 System

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 22, 2017

Advocates say policymakers and higher education leaders should initiate a national discussion t [...]

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California Lawmaker Wants Tax to Fund Tuition-free College

by Sophia Bollag, Associated Press | March 20, 2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Some California Democrats want to make college tuition free for in-state [...]

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Higher Ed Leaders Lambaste Federal Budget Proposal

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 16, 2017

Higher education leaders blasted federal budget proposal released Thursday as one that will mak [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Affordability Biggest Key to College Access

by Matthew Lynch | February 21, 2017

What does it actually take to make higher education accessible to a larger portion of the popul [...]

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Higher Ed Experts: College Affordability Might not be Election Winner

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | November 7, 2016

Much of the next administration’s approach will be reflected in who gets appointed to lead fe [...]

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Abdul-Jabbar: Poverty Biggest Barrier to Higher Ed

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | October 17, 2016

Author and NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar cited poverty as the biggest barrier that threatens t [...]

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Scholars Unsure Potential Young Latino Voters Engaged

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 26, 2016

Even though young Latino voters have much at stake in the 2016 presidential election — from i [...]

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Helene Fuld College of Nursing Tops List of Best Community Colleges

by Catherine Morris | August 31, 2016

In WalletHub’s analysis, New York City’s Helene Fuld College of Nursing was the best commun [...]

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New Hampshire Community Colleges Balancing Access, Affordability

by Catherine Morris | July 31, 2016

New Hampshire community colleges are working to bridge workforce gaps despite some of the highe [...]

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