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Threat Closes Evergreen State College After Protests Over Race

by Associated Press | June 1, 2017

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A small college in Washington state closed abruptly Thursday in response to [...]

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Coulter’s Berkeley Speech Canceled, Police Prep for Violence

by Jocelyn Gecker, Associated Press | April 26, 2017

BERKELEY, Calif. — Ann Coulter said Wednesday that she was forced to cancel her speaking even [...]

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UC Berkeley Flip-flops on Ann Coulter, Proposes May Date

by Jocelyn Gecker, Associated Press | April 20, 2017

BERKELEY, Calif. — University of California, Berkeley officials said Thursday they have a “ [...]

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Guillermo: How to Solve the Issue of Free Speech on Campus

by Emil Guillermo | March 5, 2017

Anyone who can show a receipt from the bursar has a right to say anything they want well beyond [...]

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For Now, Reality Reels In Milo Yiannopoulos

by | February 22, 2017

The “inclusion” afforded to Milo Yiannopoulos by some was only temporary and came with stri [...]

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Free Speech, at the Expense of Who and What?

by Larry McDaniel Jr. | February 21, 2017

Let’s be clear: The night of protest at UC Berkeley was full of controversy; however, there w [...]

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Guillermo: How Far are Colleges, Scholars Ready to Go Against Trump?

by Emil Guillermo | February 5, 2017

As the legal back and forth on the Trump executive order is creating a public mini-course on co [...]

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Berkeley Campus Chaos Spurs Questions at Free-speech Bastion

by Jocelyn Gecker and Paul Eilas, Associated Press |

BERKELEY, Calif. —Chaos that erupted at the University of California, Berkeley, to oppose rig [...]

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