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When the News of Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

by Walter M. Kimbrough | July 11, 2017

In the same state, under the same accrediting agency, two schools in the past few years have be [...]

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Tremors of Controversy Rock Southern University

by Reginald Stuart | July 2, 2017

Administration and alumni officials at Louisiana’s Southern University have gone into a major [...]

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Venerable Basketball Coach, Mentor Ben Jobe Dies

by Reginald Stuart | March 12, 2017

Ben Jobe, the college basketball coach who won more than 500 games in more than five decades of [...]

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Program to Aid Community College Grads to Attend Southern University

by Associated Press | December 4, 2016

BATON ROUGE, La. — High-achieving students at Louisiana’s community colleges will be eligib [...]

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LSU, Southern University Seek to Offer Stability Amid Tragedy in Baton Rouge

by Reginald Stuart | July 17, 2016

Higher education’s role in helping college campuses and their communities find answers and so [...]

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Southern University System Names Presidential Contenders

by Autumn A. Arnett | May 17, 2015

Southern University’s presidential search committee announced Friday that the pool of candida [...]

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Southern University President to Take Reins at UDC

by Autumn A. Arnett | May 11, 2015

Ronald Mason Jr., president of the Southern University system, is expected to be named the next [...]

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