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Rodriguez: The X in LatinX

by Roberto Rodriguez | June 7, 2017

This development has happened due to issues relating to the fluidity of gender — a recognitio [...]

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Rodriguez: Affirming a Macehual or Gente de Maiz Identity

by Roberto Rodriguez | June 5, 2017

A couple years ago, someone from California wrote me to tell me that: “Mexicans are taking ov [...]

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Rodriguez: Arizona Court to Decide What We Can Learn

by Roberto Rodriguez | May 22, 2017

The long-anticipated trial to determine whether there were racial motivations in terminating Tu [...]

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Rodriguez: Diaz Epitomizes Education and Responsibility

by Roberto Rodriguez | May 12, 2017

How time flies. Watching Cynthia Diaz at this year's Centro Guerrero convocation at the Univers [...]

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Rodriguez: Teaching, Selling or Consuming Cinco de Mayo

by Roberto Rodriguez | May 2, 2017

It is a time when we are bombarded by messages to drink and party and wear big sombreros and pu [...]

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Rodriguez: Liberation or Social Justice?

by Roberto Rodriguez | April 24, 2017

The Chicano Movement did not use the term “social justice,” though it was very much a part [...]

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Rodriguez: Resistance or Permanent State of Insurrection?

by Roberto Rodriguez | April 16, 2017

People of Mexican descent that live in this country, live in a permanent state of dehumanizatio [...]

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Rodriguez: Do All Lives Matter?

by Roberto Rodriguez | April 10, 2017

It was a great forum and a great dialogue, but in a sense, it was the wrong question. The reaso [...]

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Rodriguez: Beware of Poisoned Orange Tree

by Roberto Rodriguez | April 5, 2017

The task of determining what it means to be human should be the primary work of institutions of [...]

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Rodriguez: Re-indigenization is Underway

by Roberto Rodriguez | March 22, 2017

To understand the significance of re-indigenization, one needs to understand its anti-thesis: t [...]

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