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Vinson Named Chairman of National Humanities Center


Dr. Ben Vinson III

The National Humanities Center has announced the appointment of its new board chairman, Dr. Ben Vinson III, the provost at Case Western Reserve University.

“The National Humanities Center serves a special place in the intellectual life of our country,” said Vinson. “The support it provides for scholars and teachers is invaluable, and the Center’s efforts to increase public awareness and appreciation for the humanities has never been more vital. I look forward to working with Josh Ruch and our fellow trustees to ensure that the Center continues to flourish.”

The Center is an institute dedicated specifically to advanced studies in all aspects within humanities through its initiatives, such as the residential fellowship program, which gives scholars resources needed to understand all forms of the humanities field.

Vinson has been a member of the National Humanities Center’s board for five years and served as a Fellow at the Center from 2005-06. He has authored and coauthored several books and volumes, such as, Before Mestizaje: Lobos, Moriscos, Coyotes and the Frontiers of Race and Caste in Colonial Mexico. Vinson holds a bachelor’s degree in history and classical studies from Dartmouth College and a doctorate degree in Latin American history from Columbia University.

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