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UNC Considers Silent Sam’s Future Location


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt said that the university will not return Confederate statue, ‘Silent Sam’ to where it used to reside, but say where the new location will be.

Confederate statue ‘Silent Sam’ after being taken down by protestors in August, 2018

“Silent Sam has a place in our history and on our campus where its history can be taught, but not at the front door of a safe, welcoming, proudly public research university,” Folt said in a recent campus wide statement according to The Wall Street Journal.

Folt is working with university trustees to create a plan for the relocation of the statue by the Nov. 15 deadline where it will be pending approval by the Board of Governors that oversees the UNC university system.

Folt and the trustees are open to suggestions from students, faculty, alumni and others.

‘Silent Sam’ had been mounted in McCorkle Place since 1913 until late August when it was taken down by protestors who claim it to be a racist symbol.

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