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UHD’s “Degree Maps” Put Students on Track to Graduation


Houston Community College (HCC) and Lone Star College (LSC) are partnering with the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) to implement “degree maps” to help students graduate on time with less debt.

Embedded advisors at HCC and LSC will counsel students in the transition from their associate degree program to a bachelor’s degree program at UHD by providing tailored degree maps of courses corresponding to a student’s field of study.

With nearly 75 percent of UHD’s bachelor’s programs aligned with analogous associate degrees at the two community colleges, the maps are designed to help students avoid enrolling in courses they do not need, officials said.

“Students will have convenient access to advising services and receive the information they need, when they need it,” said Dr. Faiza Khoja, associate vice president for academic affairs at UHD. “Collaborating with HCC and LSC, two of the nation’s largest community colleges, is a win for students. We’re able to support more transfers and help them graduate on time and with less debt.”

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