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Salary Gap Widens Between Tenured, Non-Tenured Faculty, NEA Report Says

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Salary Gap Widens Between Tenured, Non-Tenured Faculty, NEA Report Says

The two-tiered employment system for higher education continues to erode salaries among non-tenured faculty, according to recent data collected from the National Study of Post Secondary Faculty that was analyzed and published in the June issue of the National Education Association’s Higher Education Research Center Update.
Additionally, the study shows that the percentage of women faculty members with tenure has increased from 40.8 percent in the 1992-1993 school year to 44.5 percent in the 1998-1999 school year. During the same time frame, there was almost no change in the percent of total full-time faculty that are tenured. However, the report shows there has been an increase in the share of full-time faculty members teaching in institutions that do not offer tenure in their institutions.
To look at the June issue of Update, and previous issues, visit <>.
In addition, the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) released its 2000–01 National Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline and Rank in Private Four-Year Colleges and Universities. Analysis of the salaries of 63,520 faculty members at 531 private colleges and universities indicates an overall average salary for all ranks of $58,700. The overall average salary of 901 researchers at three levels is $43,861. For the first time, the survey report provides pay practices data for full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and department chairs.
The faculty salary survey covers 80 disciplines/major fields. The highest-paying discipline/major field is law (L.L.B./J.D.), in which the overall average salary is $108,450. The other disciplines/major fields in the top five are public health, $89,706; financial management and services, $89,523; chemical engineering, $82,878; and electrical, electronics and communications engineering, $80,848.
The survey breaks down salaries within disciplines/major fields by faculty status: full professors, associate professors, assistant professors, new assistant professors and instructors.
To order a copy of the report, visit CUPA-HR’s HR Bookstore at <> or call (202) 429-0311, ext. 395. 

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