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Scholarship Created to Diversify Local News Industry


The Local Media Consortium (LMC) and the Local Media Association (LMA) is looking to increase diversity in the local news industry through a new scholarship opportunity.

Fran Wills

Alongside the Google News Initiative, LMC and LMA has established 50 scholarships for underrepresented individuals to attend a journalism professional development event in Chicago from Sep. 17-19.

The conference, Elevate! 2019, will focus on the sustainability of local journalism through innovation and new business models as well as host a diversity workshop, according to a LMC press release.

“The media industry, and local media in particular, understands the importance of having an inclusive newsroom that reflects the diversity of its community and its readers with a wide variety of voices and experiences,” said Fran Wills, CEO of the LMC.

In order to be eligible for the scholarships, potential candidates must work for a media company and be nominated by their supervisors.

Interested candidates can apply here.

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