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Many Students Worried About Learning Online, Says Survey

Many students are worried about their ability to learn remotely, says a new survey by Barnes & Noble Education.

The survey, conducted the week of March 23, polled 432 college students across the U.S. to understand how students feel about the transition to online learning as part of colleges’ and universities’ COVID-19 prevention measures.

As much as 64% surveyed said they worried they may not be able to maintain focus and discipline while learning online. If the pandemic is long drawn out, students also wondered whether they could keep being motivated, especially while learning remotely.

“My house is not the proper environment in which to do work” and they “easily get distracted while on the computer,” were among the responses to questions about how students felt studying online.

The survey found that students who have taken an online class previously are more likely to feel prepared (70% vs. 30%) to learn remotely.

Regular communication with professors has been of help, said students. “My professors are being very helpful and understanding, which makes my transition feel more prepared,” said one student.

“With the right structure and support in place, students may ultimately find that this way of learning works better for them, as it allows them to go more at their own pace,” said Lisa Malat, president, Barnes & Noble College, a company that operates college bookstores, in a statement.

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