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James B. Ewers Jr.
Members of the academy offer insight into current events and higher education issues that impact people of color.

Believing and Achieving King’s Dream

by | January 15, 2015
The question lies not in the promises made but can the promises be kept. [...] Read more

Stuart Scott Connected With His Unique Style

by | January 6, 2015
As I have been around students all of my professional life, you must bring your “A” game if [...] Read more

Giving Black Boys a Framework for Success

by | December 23, 2014
I am waking up and going to bed asking the same question: What is going on, America? [...] Read more

Police, Black Community Desperately Need Dialogue

by | December 4, 2014
I grew up respecting and fearing the police. I still respect them but I also still fear them. [...] Read more

The Heartache of Michael Brown’s Mother is Permanent

by | November 27, 2014
Every day since the shooting, his mother has had to carry this unimaginable burden of losing he [...] Read more

What Does It Mean to Not be Black Enough?

by | November 4, 2014
So the question comes up, what is Black enough and what are the qualifications? [...] Read more

Voting is a Privilege and an Opportunity for Civic Engagement

by | October 23, 2014
Early voting started recently and will continue until November 4. It is our opportunity to vote [...] Read more

Don’t Forget About the Victim in the Rice Controversy

by | September 9, 2014
Don’t Forget About the Victim in the Rice Controversy. [...] Read more

Another Black Boy is Killed and My Pain Is Constant

by | August 21, 2014
I have often said that when a young African-American male leaves home it is uncertain whether h [...] Read more

Time to Close Father-Son Gap

by | August 3, 2014
Fatherless homes, especially for young boys, can mean that kids grow up without a role model an [...] Read more

Today’s Students Marching to Their Beat for Successful Living

by | May 20, 2014
We forgot to ask if our kids were ready for college. I was a college administrator and I should [...] Read more

Sterling Controversy Shows Race to Be America’s Achilles Heel

by | April 28, 2014
Here we are in 2014 and race remains at the top of our social disorders list. [...] Read more

Where Does the NFL Stand on Racism, Bigotry These Days?

by | March 12, 2014
League has to eventually tackle controversies about the use of Redskins as a team name and poss [...] Read more

Being Your Child’s Friend Could Cost You Both in Long Run

by | January 28, 2014
Today’s parents can take a lesson from the old school in battling “affluenza.” [...] Read more

Every Student Needs a Success Plan

by | December 26, 2013
Is it OK to just put our goals and dreams on auto pilot and think that we will achieve them? Of [...] Read more