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James B. Ewers Jr.
Members of the academy offer insight into current events and higher education issues that impact people of color.

CIAA Conference That I Know Stronger, Better Than Ever

by | November 26, 2013
Despite recent media attention, both the schools and the conference have great days ahead of t [...] Read more

Where Is the Village When We Need It?

by | October 31, 2013
The kids in my neighborhood were a part of the village. We had elders there who provided us wit [...] Read more

Should College Student Athletes Be Paid in Excess of a Scholarship?

by | October 9, 2013
Though the debate persists over whether college football players should receive some sort of co [...] Read more

Give Them the Chance to be Young, Gifted and Black

by | September 19, 2013
I have often said that if you are Black and male, when you leave the house, you may never see i [...] Read more

Going to School and Working is the New Normal

by | September 11, 2013
The number of nontraditional students has increased dramatically as the economy and increased c [...] Read more

Race Relations Remain America’s Achilles Heel

by | August 22, 2013
Race relations have been and will be the Achilles Heel of the United States of America, at leas [...] Read more

Don’t Let Credit Cards Fool You While in College

by | August 7, 2013
If you are a new or returning college student make sure that you have the credit card conversat [...] Read more

The Signs of New Millennium Youth and How We Can Help

by | July 16, 2013
Today’s world has many more options than it did when I was coming of age. [...] Read more

Keeping Higher Education on the Minds of Students

by | July 7, 2013
Before you know it the fall semester will be back in full swing on college campuses and student [...] Read more

Drug Abuse Issue Not Going Away Anytime Soon

by | May 13, 2013
While programs and money help, many of us in the old school believe that drug education really [...] Read more

Being Socially Responsible Keeps Our Dreams Alive

by | December 20, 2012
Our lives revolve around making decisions. Each day we have a set of choices in front of us and [...] Read more

Post-secondary Education and Training are Necessary in Today’s World

by | September 25, 2012
The options for students to become successful have never been better. Those of us who work with [...] Read more

‘Personal Touch Initiative’ Should Enhance Student Success

by | August 29, 2012
Terms like customer service and satisfaction surveys were not always aligned with higher educat [...] Read more

Character Should Always Count in Awarding Athletic Scholarships

by | July 31, 2012
Athletics is an important part of college life. Millions of dollars are spent each year on prov [...] Read more

Will I Ever Wear My Hoodie Again?

by | April 27, 2012
I didn’t ever think my hoodie would become a modern day fashion piece or a source of social u [...] Read more