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James B. Ewers Jr.
Members of the academy offer insight into current events and higher education issues that impact people of color.

Obama Is Being Lifted Up by the Elders

by | September 4, 2008
Sen. Barack Obama made reference to a preacher who made America better in his acceptance speech [...] Read more

Being Black, Male and Educated in Today’s World

by | August 21, 2008
There are far too many black males being portrayed as useless citizens in our society.  We see [...] Read more

CNN’s Black in America Sounds Clarion Call To Do More

by | July 29, 2008
I am black in America so the recent two-part series produced by CNN entitled “Black in Americ [...] Read more

Black Colleges Continue to Provide An Excellent Education

by | June 16, 2008
Historically black colleges and universities have been educating students, the majority of them [...] Read more

An Open Letter to the High School Class of 2008–And Their Parents

by | June 3, 2008
It is that time of year when high school graduations are front and center.  These festive even [...] Read more

Voting is our privilege and our responsibility

by | May 19, 2008
Thank goodness we live in a country where we can freely vote.  It is something that we should [...] Read more

Love and responsibility are keys to the Covenant

by | May 14, 2008
 Tavis Smiley’s “The Covenant With Black America” has been out a couple of years and [...] Read more

Good health as a priority in the black community

by | May 13, 2008
If you don’t have your health then you don’t have anything is an expression that I have hea [...] Read more

African American teacher numbers need improvement

by | May 6, 2008
How do you become what you want to be?  When you ask children what they want their life’s wo [...] Read more