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Dr. Marybeth Gasman
University of Pennsylvania professor Marybeth Gasman explores issues of access and retention for students and faculty of color and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, among other things.

Respecting Race-Based Research

by | December 15, 2010
I do research about race. When I was a graduate student, a professor warned me against doing th [...] Read more

Developing a Research Agenda

by | November 29, 2010
Young people pursuing graduate study often ask me how I developed my research agenda. They wond [...] Read more

Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch?

by | November 18, 2010
Last week, I sat down to have what I thought would be a pleasant lunch with someone I had talke [...] Read more

What Can HBCUs Teach all Colleges and Universities?

by | November 4, 2010
Note: This blog post is co-authored with Dorsey Spencer Jr., who serves as assistant director o [...] Read more

An Open Letter to HBCU Students and Alumni

by | October 28, 2010
In recent weeks, conservative thinkers and writers have been attacking HBCUs. What’s new you [...] Read more

Innovative Curricula at HBCUs: Goats, Fish and Farmer’s Markets

by | October 5, 2010
One of my favorite parts of being a professor and doing research related to HBCUs is that I oft [...] Read more

HBCUs and Real World Employment

by | September 16, 2010
President Obama declared this week Historically Black College and University Week. Along with t [...] Read more

Spelman College: A Model for Engaging Alumnae (and Alumni)

by | August 27, 2010
In 2010, Spelman College celebrated its highest alumnae giving numbers in the institution’s h [...] Read more

Fisk University: An American Treasure Worth Supporting

by | August 16, 2010
I admit that I have a special place for Fisk University in my heart. It is the first historical [...] Read more

Institutional Level Strategies for Retaining Men of Color

by | August 2, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, I served on a panel at the American Public and Land Grant Universities [...] Read more

Colleges and Universities Must Engage Alumni of Color

by | July 14, 2010
Note: Nelson Bowman III, director of development at Prairie View A & M University, coauthor [...] Read more

Teaching Outside the Classroom

by | June 28, 2010
A few years ago, I wrote an article with two of my students (Nia Haydel and Sibby Anderson-Thom [...] Read more

Ten Ways To Retain Faculty of Color

by | June 22, 2010
Recently I gave a talk at the American Association of University Professors’ annual meeting. [...] Read more

Lessons Learned from ‘Setting the Agenda for Historically Black Colleges and Universities’

by | June 8, 2010
Last week in Durham, N.C., a wonderful symposium took place. It was not business as usual but, [...] Read more

Erasing History in Texas

by | May 26, 2010
Let me begin with a dialogue: My child: Mommy, how could Benjamin Franklin own slaves? Why woul [...] Read more