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Dr. Pamela D. Reed navigates the often treacherous white waters of America's ever-changing cultural landscape. Come what may, she keeps it moving-the dialogue, that is.

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I’m All for Black/Brown Coalitions … But What About the Supreme Court?

by | May 7, 2010
Joel Dreyfuss, editor at The Root.com recently penned the article, “Why Blacks Should Be Outr [...] Read more

It is High Time for a Black Woman on the High Court: Part II

by | April 20, 2010
Am I the only one who finds it troublesome that of the three people widely reported as likely f [...] Read more

No (Black) Justice, No Peace?

by | April 16, 2010
Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation…want crops without plowing up [...] Read more

Tiger by the Tail?

by | December 2, 2009
I never thought I’d find myself defending Tiger Woods. But, alas, I am here. By now, we a [...] Read more

Self-Hatred on Steroids: Sammy Sosa’s Extreme Makeover

by | November 12, 2009
Not since Michael Jackson’s de-pigmentation have we witnessed the likes of Sammy Sosa’s sho [...] Read more

From the Ideal to the Real: A Daughter of the South Reflects on Obama’s First Year

by | November 6, 2009
“What a difference a year makes.”  And when it comes to President Barack Obama, never [...] Read more

A People on the Precipice?

by | October 29, 2009
The recent news of the savage gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in Richmond, Calif., broke my hea [...] Read more

A People on the Precipice?

by |
The recent news of the savage gang rape of a fifteen year-old girl in Richmond, California brok [...] Read more

The House Rules

by | October 21, 2009
Morehouse College has laid down the law.  And not a moment too soon… As has been wid [...] Read more

Of a Black President, White Children, and Maintaining the Status Quo

by | September 14, 2009
Last week proved quite revealing. It began with the conservative hysteria surrounding Pres [...] Read more

It is High Time for a Black Woman on the High Court

by | June 2, 2009
“Make me do it.” -Barack Hussein Obama The relevance of the above challenge issued [...] Read more

Black History, No More?

by | May 22, 2009
Now that Barack Obama is President of the United States, why don’t we just pretend that A [...] Read more

Obama Decision to Boycott World Racism Conference is Regrettable

by | April 20, 2009
Change has come to America. Doubters of this undeniable truth need only look to 1600 Pennsylvan [...] Read more

“Racism Without Racists” Is Twisted Logic

by | October 9, 2008
There is an astonishing theoretical perspective taking hold in the American academy, and workin [...] Read more

Virginia State Election Board’s Use of Jim Crow-like Student Residency Questionnaire Raises Voting Rights Questions

by | September 17, 2008
 The New York Timesreports that E. Randall Wertz, the county registrar of voters in Montgomery [...] Read more
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