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Dr. Pamela D. Reed
Dr. Pamela D. Reed navigates the often treacherous white waters of America's ever-changing cultural landscape. Come what may, she keeps it moving-the dialogue, that is.

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Apologies Abound and CNN’s Black in America: The Inescapable Nexus

by | August 14, 2008
On July 28, in the year 2008, the United States House of Representatives, almost 150 years afte [...] Read more

Not Just One Dark Body: Scaling the Intercultural Mountain in the HBCU Classroom

by | July 3, 2008
It is no secret that classrooms at historically Black colleges and universities are becoming in [...] Read more

I Know From Whence I Speak: Black Studies and the HBCU

by | June 23, 2008
The 20th anniversary of the doctorate in African-American studies in the American academy is, u [...] Read more

The Intersection of Presidential Politics, Race, Culture, and Higher Learning

by | May 27, 2008
Much has been made of education levels and voting patterns in the Presidential nominating conte [...] Read more
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