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McClenney Kicks Off AACC Convention

| April 23, 2017

Dr. Kay McClenney, senior adviser to the president and CEO of the American Association of Comm [...]

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FosterClub Working to Keep Foster Youth on College Success Path

by Catherine Morris | April 20, 2017

FosterClub is a national support network for current and former foster youth, with a membership [...]

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Princeton Renaming Building in Honor of Toni Morrison

by Jamal Eric Watson | April 19, 2017

West College — a central building on the campus of Princeton University — will be renamed i [...]

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Report: Community College Full-time Students More Likely to Graduate

by Catherine Morris |

Attending even just one semester of community college full-time, however, gives students a bett [...]

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Georgia Tech GRIOT Leadership Series Highlights Black Male Achievement

by Marcus Bright | April 17, 2017

The GRIOT Series highlights the achievements and success of African-American males in various l [...]

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Student Affairs Key to Tackling Inequality

by Thai-Huy Nguyen and Rose Ann E. Gutierrez | April 13, 2017

Student affairs has become a pathway through which institutions can more effectively address th [...]

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Diverse Docket: College’s Religious Affiliation no Shield Against Bias Complaint

by Eric Freedman | April 12, 2017

A private college’s religious affiliation doesn’t automatically shield it from liability fo [...]

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Conference Helps AAPI Attendees Work Through Frustrations

by Lydia Lum | April 11, 2017

The Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education conference has increasingly become a venue for [...]

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Stats Show Diversity Hiring in College Sports Still Gets Failing Grade

by Catherine Morris | April 6, 2017

A study by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport shows that virtually 90 percent of a [...]

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