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Excelencia Report Highlights Best Practices in Preparing Latinx Students for Workforce

by | July 9, 2020 In a new report, Excelencia in Education analyzed how Hispanic Serving Institutions, which enro Read more

Following in the Footsteps of Her Father, Dr. Wilma Mishoe Led Delaware State to New Heights

by B. Denise Hawkins | July 8, 2020
She couldn’t say no. “Higher education,” Mishoe says, “is my natural habitat,” and De [...] Read more

Achieving Diversity in STEM Faculty Requires Systemic Change, Says Report

by Pearl Stewart | July 7, 2020
In 2001, Judith Ramaley, a director at the National Science Foundation, coined the acronym STEM [...] Read more

Report: Pandemic-Related Fundraising Woes Likely to Increase

by Lois Elfman |
A new report shows that more than 40% of colleges and universities are expecting to see signifi [...] Read more

Dr. Charlene Dukes Leaves Legacy of Compassion as President of Prince George’s Community College

by | July 6, 2020
Last month, Dr. Charlene Dukes, president of Prince George's County Community College in Maryla [...] Read more

From Radio Host to Business Owner and Professor, Shaashawn S. Dial Has Worn Many Hats

by | July 2, 2020
From hosting the first R&B radio show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to establishing her own cons [...] Read more

New Data Tracking System Highlights Race Disparities Among COVID-19-Related Deaths

by B. Denise Hawkins | July 1, 2020
By early March, SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus, had touched off a pandemic. Those studying the [...] Read more

Binghamton U’s Announcement of Reforms to Confront Racial Inequities Sparks Debate

by |
Binghamton University president Dr. Harvey G. Stenger recently announced new initiatives to con [...] Read more

Community College of Denver Launches Affordable Program for Students Returning to Finish Their Degrees

by | June 30, 2020
Last month, in partnership with educational company StraighterLine, the Community College of De [...] Read more

HBCU Fall Preview: Colleges Plan a Phased Return to Campus

by B. Denise Hawkins | June 29, 2020
Starting today, Diverse will provide occasional news-roundups and interviews from historically [...] Read more

A New Guide Helps Faculty Plan Equitable Online Courses For Fall

by | June 26, 2020
A new guide for faculty, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aims to help professors [...] Read more

What Role Should Higher Education Play in Combating Racism?

by | June 24, 2020
As anti-racist protests continue across the nation in response to the death of George Floyd – [...] Read more

Dr. Constance Carroll Leaves Legacy of Student Success at San Diego Community College District

by Pearl Stewart |
During her 16-year tenure as the longest serving chancellor in the history of the San Diego Com [...] Read more

College Sports Stakeholders Prepare for a New Normal Under COVID-19

by Lois Elfman | June 17, 2020
Athletic directors, coaches, conference commissioners and student-athletes await a clear vision [...] Read more

Du Bois Scholar Tapped to Lead Warner Pacific University

by Ahmed Khan |
Dr. Brian L. Johnson, a W.E. B Du Bois scholar who served as president of Tuskegee University, [...] Read more
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