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Game Delay: Latinos Not Yet Scoring With College Athletics

by Paul Ruffins | October 5, 2010
Despite their growing presence in professional sports, Latinos remain underrepresented in colle [...] Read more

Southern University Faculty Bristles Over Faculty Appointment

by Pearl Stewart | October 4, 2010
Southern University at Baton Rouge Chancellor Kofi Lomotey defends hiring of renowned scholar L [...] Read more

National Academies Committee Recommends Measures To Boost Minority STEM Participation

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | October 1, 2010
Citing the relatively low levels of minority representation in science and engineering, leaders [...] Read more

Summit: Improving American Education Key To Maintaining U.S. Living Standards

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 30, 2010
Speakers at a Washington education summit Wednesday touted college education as the means to a [...] Read more

Donors May Balk at College Giving, If Fisk Prevails With Art Sale

by Reginald Stuart | September 29, 2010
Financially troubled Fisk University’s battle to raise badly needed cash by winning court app [...] Read more

Latino College Completion Campaign Moves Forward With Collaboration Strategy

by Lois Elfman | September 28, 2010
 Excelencia in Education spearheads collaboration among advocacy groups to improve Hispani [...] Read more

Mexican Drug Conflict Threatens U.S. College Study Abroad Programs

by Garry Boulard | September 27, 2010
U.S. State Department’s travel advisory compels some institutions to withdraw their students [...] Read more

PhD Project Tackles Business School Deanship Diversity

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | September 24, 2010
After making an indelible impact on business faculty ranks, The PhD Project sets its sights on [...] Read more

Special Report: Puerto Rico’s Eleven Campuses, One University, Many Strikes

by Dr. Pablo Navarro-Rivera | September 23, 2010
The two-month-long student strike that shuttered 10 of 11 University of Puerto Rico campuses th [...] Read more

Scrutiny of U.S. Higher Education Increasing, College Forum Panelists Say

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 22, 2010
As the Obama Administration continues its push to make the United States the most-college educa [...] Read more

College-educated Americans More Likely Experience Job Satisfaction, Lead Healthier Lives, Study Says

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 21, 2010
Delving into more than just the financial rewards, college graduates, in comparison with high s [...] Read more

Tuskegee Selects Purdue Administrator, Researcher as New President

by Diverse Staff | September 20, 2010
Tuskegee University announced Friday the selection of Dr. Gilbert L. Rochon, associate vice pre [...] Read more

Foundation Highlights Practices for Getting Community College Students Into Selective Four-Year Schools

by Michelle J. Nealy | September 17, 2010
The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has released “Partnerships that Promote Success: The Evaluatio [...] Read more

National Science Board Report Calls for Equity, Excellence and Opportunity in STEM

by Joyce Jones | September 16, 2010
The United States’ ability to be not just a global leader but even a competitive participant [...] Read more

HBCU National Meeting Stresses Competitiveness by Black Schools

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 15, 2010
Speakers at a national HBCU conference on Tuesday said the future of HBCUs hinges on winning co [...] Read more