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Experts Fear Potential Negative Impact of Revamped GED on Underrepresented

by Lekan Oguntoyinbo | October 16, 2013
The new exam will cost more, and it will also be computerized. Experts say the earliest indicat [...] Read more

Just the Stats: Higher Minority Participation in Community College Support Programs

by Olivia M. Blackmon |
Community Colleges continue to evolve, and as they do they experience new struggles with accoun [...] Read more

Experts Find Increased Default Rate on Student Loans Troubling

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | October 2, 2013
A former senior education policy adviser for the Obama administration said the higher default r [...] Read more

For-Profit Schools Under Pressure to Prove Investment in Education Pays Off

by Vikki Conwell | August 25, 2013
As college tuition costs rise, more students, parents and taxpayers are asking institutions to [...] Read more

Obama Proposes New System for Rating Colleges

by Julie Pace, Associated Press | August 22, 2013
President Obama is pushing for a new government rating system for colleges that would judge sch [...] Read more

Study Suggests Going Back to Basics: Saving to Fund Education

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | July 15, 2013
In an effort to reduce student debt and the debilitating effect that it can have on graduation [...] Read more

Racial and Gender Report Card for College Sports Shows Mixed Results

by Lois Elfman | July 10, 2013
When compared to the pro sports for which The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport publi [...] Read more

Full-Time Students’ Non-instructional Fees Continue to Rise

by Tina A. Brown | July 8, 2013
Those attending small and mid-size public colleges are actively subsidizing athletic programs. [...] Read more

Private Nonprofit Schools Avoid Enrollment Slump

by William J. Ford | October 24, 2012
As overall enrollment has trended slightly downward for the first time since the mid-1990s, pri [...] Read more