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Colleges Must Address Debt Challenges

by Phoebe A. Haddon | January 25, 2016
As the economic and social costs of student-loan debt continue to rise, it is essential for uni [...] Read more

Defending Test-optional Policies in Colleges and Universities

by Briana O’Neal | January 24, 2016
Both the ACT and SAT serve as a barrier to college access for low-income, first-generation and [...] Read more

‘Gifted’ Black Kids Not as Likely to Get Placed in Talented Programs

by Lydia Lum |
High-achieving, Black, elementary school students are much less likely than their White peers t [...] Read more

Experts Cite ‘Representative’ Role as Barrier to Diverse Faculty

by Catherine Morris | January 22, 2016
Panelist agree that substantive inclusion must be intentional and will not be achieved with a s [...] Read more

Experts Debate Keys to Student Loan Crisis

by Diverse Staff | January 7, 2016
A recent report by the Brookings Institute revealed that low earnings, not high levels of indiv [...] Read more

Forum Examines ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Blacks’ Incarceration

by Lydia Lum | January 6, 2016
Dr. Samuel L. Myers Jr. of the University of Minnesota says that “the list of unintended cons [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: Why Doesn’t Minority Faculty Look Like America?

by Matthew Lynch | December 23, 2015
A recent report found that, at some schools, like Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan [...] Read more

Report: U.S. Math Performance Gap Starts with Unequal Access

by Lydia Lum | October 14, 2015
When it comes to educating U.S. teens in math, schools play a significant factor in reinforcing [...] Read more

College Graduates Living Longer as Well as Prospering

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | July 19, 2015
A college degree may not only be the best way to secure gainful employment in the modern econom [...] Read more

Students See Value of Internships

by Jamal Eric Watson | July 6, 2015
Of the 50,000 college students and recent graduates surveyed, 70.8 percent of students believe [...] Read more

Getting Race and Poverty Right in Education

by H. Richard Milner IV | July 1, 2015
Several months ago, I was invited to conduct a professional development session in a school wit [...] Read more

Who’s Teaching Whom?

by Leslie T. Fenwick | May 10, 2015
Is there anything that can or should be done about the tremendous demographic mismatch between [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: Gainful Employment for College Graduates

by Matthew Lynch | December 30, 2014
Colleges and universities have their own sets of standards for graduating students and helping [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: Obama, Millennials and College Costs

by Matthew Lynch | December 29, 2014
College, it seems, is not as much of a sure thing as these young Americans believed it would be [...] Read more

Associate Degrees on Rise at 4-Year Institutions

by Pearl Stewart | December 23, 2014
Many four-year institutions have joined community colleges in offering two-year degrees. [...] Read more