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Posse Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients, Celebrates 25 Years

by Catherine Morris | December 16, 2014
The Posse Foundation, which is celebrating its 25th year of existence, announced the 680 schola [...] Read more

Report: Campus-Based Child Care on Decline

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | December 10, 2014
Despite the growing number of college students with children, campus-based child care has been [...] Read more

Expert Tells Graduate School Stakeholders Don’t Count on Financial ‘Cavalry’ Coming

by Catherine Morris | December 7, 2014
Speakers at the Council of Graduate Schools annual meeting last week warned that state by state [...] Read more

Obama Promises Funding, Resources in Response to Tribal Nations’ Education ‘Emergency’

by Catherine Morris | December 3, 2014
The White House 2014 Native Youth Report, released on Wednesday, finds that Native youth and Na [...] Read more

ASHE: Hispanic-Serving Institutions Could Face Rough Road Ahead

by Catherine Morris | November 24, 2014
At a panel focusing on Hispanic-serving institutions, panelists looked to the past and future o [...] Read more

Advocates Want Public Benefits for Low-Income Students on Table

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | November 20, 2014
Supporters want to see public benefits extended to community college students as a way to boost [...] Read more

At Age 10, Excelencia Still Fighting for Latino Educational Growth

by Catherine Morris |
Leaders from Excelencia in Education, Congress and others focused Thursday on the crucial role [...] Read more

Poll: Generation Z Teens Describe Themselves Entrepreneurial, Self-directed

by Ronald Roach | November 18, 2014
Young Americans between 16- and 19-years-old value higher education and characterize themselves [...] Read more

Open Doors Data Details the Influx of Students From Other Countries

by Catherine Morris | November 17, 2014
International Education Week kicked off with the announcement of the preliminary Open Doors dat [...] Read more

For-Profit Colleges Under Fire

by Catherine Morris |
Several schools are being criticized by the government and veterans for offering dubious degree [...] Read more

In 2013, 69 Percent of Students Graduated in Debt

by Catherine Morris | November 13, 2014
Average debt climbed to $28,400 in 2013, up from $27,850 the year before. [...] Read more

Experts See Traditional Campus, Online Education Mix Becoming the Norm

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim |
When it comes to making higher education more affordable, the question of whether to go to scho [...] Read more

Asheville-Buncombe Tech Finds STEM Recruitment Success by Refocusing Message

by Catherine Morris | November 12, 2014
With an NSF grant of nearly $200,000, which the college received in the fall of 2012, A-B Tech [...] Read more

La Salle University Program Hones In on SAT Underperformers

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | November 10, 2014
In his capacity as director of the Academic Discovery Program at La Salle University, Bob Miede [...] Read more

Scholars Agree to Make Concerted Effort to Reform Urban Education

by Jamal Eric Watson | November 9, 2014
Experts say it is the time for a new conversation focused exclusively on some of the challenges [...] Read more