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Black Colleges and Universities: Charting a Path to Transformational

by Alvin J. Schexnider | April 16, 2021 Recent, so-called “transformational” gifts to HBCUs, most notably MacKenzie Scott’s multi [...] Read more

Self-Help Recommendations on How Millennial Women of Color Survive College

by Ashlee B. Daniels | April 15, 2021
During this self-isolation and social distancing period, I have come to the realization that I [...] Read more

For Colleges and Universities, Reopening Plans Must Meet Students’ Mental Health Needs

by Tracie Lowe, Charmaine Troy, Kimberly Walker, Althea Counts | April 14, 2021
As more people across the nation become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, colleges and universiti [...] Read more

NCAA Forum: A Collegiate Athletics Call to Action

by Derrick Gragg | April 13, 2021
Sports has often been viewed as the “great equalizer” in our society, where no one sees col [...] Read more

What Does an Anti-Racist College Admissions Process Look Like?

by Jenny Rickard | April 12, 2021
As our country confronts how racism affects so many other aspects of our lives, college admissi [...] Read more

From DEI to JEDI

by Kimberly A. Truong and Kay Martinez | April 9, 2021
Is the acronym Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) outdated? After a summer of uprisings fo [...] Read more

Making Equity Everyone’s Work

by Ted Mitchell and Adrianna Kezar  | March 31, 2021
From effectively educating students online, to sponsoring research to help cure and prevent COV [...] Read more

Racelighting: Three Common Strategies Racelighters Use

by J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III | March 30, 2021
Racelighting sits at the nexus of racial microaggressions and racial battle fatigue. [...] Read more

As Pandemic Lifts, Student Mental Health Needs Shift

by Janice A. Hall | March 24, 2021
Have we entered a season of hope for student mental health? The outlook for student well-being [...] Read more

Stepping Away from the Brink: Rethinking Higher Education Models

by Edward Summers, Duleep Deosthale, Lessie Branch and Perrin Kennedy | March 12, 2021
Traditionally, America has viewed higher education as a means to achieve upward mobility and ad [...] Read more

Broadband: Bringing Our Children Out of the Cold

by Kim Keenan | March 10, 2021
The digital divide was already a national emergency; the pandemic just brought this disaster in [...] Read more

Reducing the Cost of Higher Education Through the Invaluable Mission of Community Colleges and Affordable HBCUs

by Christopher Wayne Robinson | March 8, 2021
There is a significant need to foster better collaborative relationships among community colleg [...] Read more

How to Revolutionize Fundraising in a Remote Environment

by Christine Johnson McPhail and Carolyn Carter | March 5, 2021
The wide-ranging consequences of this pandemic are huge, and the world of fundraising is facing [...] Read more

The Afterthought of Equity

by Camille Burnett | March 4, 2021
Dismantling racism is going to take far more than branding the word, “equity”. Equity deman [...] Read more

African American Male Community College Students Must Have Educational Abroad Experiences in Africa

by Nana Lawson Bush and Edward C. Bush | March 3, 2021
So why don’t many African American students travel abroad? Noted explanations found in the pe [...] Read more

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