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College Recruitment Scandal: Lessons Learned

| June 18, 2021 The 2019 college admissions scandal opened a Pandora’s box in college recruitment. For the fi [...] Read more

Common DEI Pitfalls

by Kimberly A. Truong | June 17, 2021
Over recent months, I have had multiple conversations with colleagues about their distrust of d [...] Read more

We Need More Black Doctors

by Pamela Payne-Foster | June 16, 2021
As a Black female physician who teaches medical and health profession students and residents, I [...] Read more

3 Steps Toward More Equitable Networks On Campuses

by Julia Freeland Fisher | June 15, 2021
As the Biden administration commits to expanding resources to college students and postsecondar [...] Read more

Roueche Center Forum: Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Community College

by Deborah Manning and Terry Calaway | June 10, 2021
While education is the great equalizer, enrollment and attainment gaps linked to race and ethni [...] Read more

Better Together: Four Mutually Reinforcing Strategies for Retaining Black Students and Faculty

by Kwadwo Assensoh | June 9, 2021
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions are doubling down on efforts to retai [...] Read more

Why I Came Back: An Alumni Perspective

by Edward Pittman | June 8, 2021
I never intended to stay this long. But I found myself enjoying working as an administrator at [...] Read more

Oregon is Finally Counting Student Parents. Other States Should Follow.

by Autumn Green | June 7, 2021
The only way many colleges have a sense of how many student parents attend is based on FAFSA, t [...] Read more

Anti-Racism & Humanistic Inquiry

by Cathy Marie Ouellette | June 4, 2021
By the fall of 2020, this nation had experienced uncertainty paralleling its most unsettling hi [...] Read more

Up in Smoke: The Vaping Epidemic

by Brittany Ladson | June 1, 2021
The importance of lung health is more significant this year than ever before. The combination o [...] Read more

Roueche Center Forum: The Human Side of Transformational Change

by Leslie Rodriguez-McClellon | May 28, 2021
Historically, U.S. community college leaders have faced calls for reform. Specifically, higher [...] Read more

If We Want Equitable Representation, We Need More Diverse Congressional Interns Like Me

by Breanna Cadena | May 27, 2021
It was always my dream to be a Congressional intern. Last summer, despite the pandemic, I was a [...] Read more

Rap Music Didn’t Cause Inner-City Violence…Poverty & Broken Homes Did

by Jeremy C. McCool | May 26, 2021
Hip-hop often faces a substantial amount of blame for the inner-city violence that occurs in co [...] Read more

It Takes a Team, Not Superheroes, to Support College Success

by Andrea Shivers | May 25, 2021
Too often we celebrate an incredible high school teacher or school counselor when what we real [...] Read more

Lest We Be Fooled, As We Reflect on the One-Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

by Ronald W. Whitaker II and Adriel A. Hilton  | May 24, 2021
As critical scholars and DEI strategists, the one-year anniversary of the egregious and pernici [...] Read more

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