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What Beyoncé Can Teach Us About Race, Identity and Social Justice

by Lynn Hampton | July 11, 2019 In higher education, we talk a lot about diversity, but all too often students, faculty and sta [...] Read more

Culturally Responsive Graduation Ceremonies: Opportunities and Considerations for University Leaders

by Wil Greer, Omari Jackson, Charemi Jones and Kanika Jackson | July 5, 2019
Many minoritized students participate in graduation ceremonies that are not reflective of their [...] Read more

A Summer Teaching Reflection: Can Black Faculty Afford to Curry Favor with our Students?

by Angela Mae Kupenda | July 2, 2019
During the summer months, I spend time rethinking both my teaching methods and the learning goa [...] Read more

The Future of Research and Practice about MSIs

by DeShawn Preston and Sydney Freeman, Jr. | June 26, 2019
Today, there are more than 700 Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) designated by the federal go [...] Read more

Let’s Retire Ageism in Academe

by Zachary Michael Jack | June 24, 2019
Now in the middle-child position between scores of retiring senior colleagues and recently hire [...] Read more

Prejudice ‘Strikes’ Again: Corporal Punishment is Hitting Black Students the Most

by Donna Y. Ford, Fred A. Bonner II, & James L. Moore III | June 23, 2019
As Black scholars who have succeeded in spite of educational inequities that existed when we we [...] Read more

Why Does Harvard Have a Police Force?

by Michael Arjun Banerjee | June 19, 2019
In April and May, student protesters at Johns Hopkins University engaged in a civil protest aga [...] Read more

NCAA’s Discriminatory APR Scores

by Monique O. Ositelu | June 16, 2019
A few weeks ago, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) released their annual Acad [...] Read more

Divulging into Systematic Oppression

by Adriel A. Hilton | June 13, 2019
An entire month of teachings on systematic oppression have unfolded right before our eyes; many [...] Read more

Ignoring Race and Privilege: How The College Board’s SAT Adversity Score Missed the Mark

by Ivory A. Toldson and Donna Y. Ford | June 11, 2019
Adverse experiences and social privilege are both life circumstances that can alter a test-take [...] Read more

Not Enough Black Males Qualified to Work in Higher Education – Cliché?

by Jonelle Knox | June 10, 2019
For years, there has been continuous conversation surrounding the scarcity of Black male profes [...] Read more

Leadership Must Possess Soul

by Cornelius Gilbert | June 6, 2019
During the 1970s, the concept of “soul” was on full display. Perhaps at the most basic leve [...] Read more

Leave Ready, to Pivot: A Researcher’s Reflection on Purpose Beyond the Professoriate

by Nadrea R. Njoku | June 3, 2019
“Leave Ready” is a campaign by Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) for its students cente [...] Read more

College is a Place of Self-Discovery And Reinvention

by Christopher Young | June 2, 2019
Thankfully, in America we are not required to have it all figured out by age 17. Our 17-year-ol [...] Read more

Social Justice in Action: Creating a Climate of RESPECT at Associational Meetings

by Kimberly A. Mealy and Kathy L. Powers | May 29, 2019
Determining how best to respond to reports of discrimination, bias and sexual harassment is an [...] Read more
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