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Black Students Must Experience Black Life Outside of the U.S.

by Devin Walker | September 23, 2020 When I reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement and the many viral images that have galvanize [...] Read more

Understanding the Historical Context of the Black Lives Matter Movement

by Fred L. Hord and James B. Stewart | September 22, 2020
When the National Association for Black Culture Centers brought Dr. James Stewart to Vanderbilt [...] Read more

Can We Judge Colleges by Their Success at Encouraging Grit?

by Ronald S. Rochon |
One of my former students recently filled me with hope for the next generation. Clifton Jett Jr [...] Read more

Higher Education’s Racial Reckoning

by Lynn Pasquerella | September 18, 2020
The public lynching of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, broadcast for [...] Read more

If the Storm Keeps Raging

by Dereck J. Rovaris Sr. | September 17, 2020
“Though the storms keep on raging in my life; And sometimes it’s hard to tell the night fro [...] Read more

Public Charter Schools Send Thousands of Students to HBCUs Every Year

by Garilyn Vause | September 15, 2020
As a proud Spelman College student and KIPP Public Schools alum, I urge Sen. Kamala Harris to s [...] Read more

Racial and Social Justice Is the Work of College Student Educators

by Chris Moody and Vernon Wall | September 14, 2020
Since our founding in 1924 by six women employed as job placement officers who were dissatisfie [...] Read more

The Crisis of the Underrepresented Leader: Three Considerations

by Patrice Rankine | September 11, 2020
The rift between underrepresented leaders and those we lead, some of whom also happen to be und [...] Read more

I, Too, Experienced Police Brutality

by Daniel Blake |
There is a deeper connection between me, Jacob Blake, and Daniel Prude beyond our shared names. [...] Read more

Steps Beyond Statements: Presidential Leadership in Building a Case for Inclusive Excellence

by Michael A. Baston | September 10, 2020
To say we live in interesting times is a vast understatement. The confluence of the coronavirus [...] Read more

We Must Not Leave Nontraditional Students Behind as COVID-19 Forces Colleges Online

by Raghu Krishnaiah | September 8, 2020
In just a matter of weeks, millions of students will be attending college online and yet few tr [...] Read more

Coach John Thompson, Jr. in Retrospect

by Joshua Wright |
Coach John Thompson, Jr. died on August 30, 2020, at the age of 78.  He redefined college bask [...] Read more

Distance Learning and Cultural Capital

by Nara Roberta Silva | September 3, 2020
Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City—the largest school districts in the country—have an [...] Read more

Navigating the COVID-19 Landscape: Strategies for Mature Citizens

by Charlie Nelms |
Like many mature and retired citizens, a year ago I was making plans for using some of the fund [...] Read more

Practicing What You Teach: Making Space for Social Justice Conversations Among Faculty

by Stacey A. Miller, Byron R. Martin, Darquillius Mayweather and Michele A. Parker | September 2, 2020
As we kick off the academic year, we offer five suggestions for modeling a practical approach t [...] Read more

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