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‘Stop and Frisk’ – Unconstitutional Racial Profiling

by Benjamin Todd Jealous | August 14, 2013
There are a number of steps that are being taken to help fight racial profiling in New York Cit [...] Read more

HBCU Closures: A Reversible Trend?

by Dr. Matthew Lynch | August 11, 2013
HBCUs must let go of polarizing "traditions" to survive in the current educational landscape. [...] Read more

Higher Education’s Complicity in the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

by William B. Harvey | August 7, 2013
Universities need to lead the way toward the national conversation on race we clearly need. [...] Read more
America’s Schools of Education Must Improve

America’s Schools of Education Must Improve

by James Williams | August 6, 2013
For all the time, money and brainpower spent on improving the academic performance of America [...] Read more

Reflecting on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by William E. Spriggs | August 5, 2013
Let’s reflect on comprehensive immigration reform and think about the economic implications. [...] Read more

Tough Standards, Diversity are Key Assets for the U.S. Military

by Jamie Barnett | August 1, 2013
Last month marked the 65th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman's Executive Order that led [...] Read more
The Doctrine of Common Core: Raising Public Education Standards Does Little in Our Modern Economy

The Doctrine of Common Core: Raising Public Education Standards Does Little in Our Modern Economy

by Ali M. Hangan | July 31, 2013
The new economic realities have established a new historical context for industry, work and edu [...] Read more

San Jose State’s MOOC Missteps Easy to See

by Anya Kamenetz | July 29, 2013
As most people in ed-tech circles have heard by now, a much-touted MOOC experiment has ended in [...] Read more

Improving the Pathway to Higher Education

by Brian C. Mitchell | July 23, 2013
A seamless pathway must be created for two-year college graduates to transfer to four-year inst [...] Read more

Student Loans and American Skills: Different Times, Two Different Reactions

by William Spriggs | July 21, 2013
What policymakers understood in 1958 would happen is upon us. We live in a global economy where [...] Read more

Death by Diversity: Securing the Success of Minority Students and Faculty Beyond Recruitment

by Matthew Lynch | July 16, 2013
Successful recruitment in this regard creates a visual diversity that looks good on college bro [...] Read more

Birds of a Feather: Florida Prosecutors and George Zimmerman

by Ibram X. Kendi | July 14, 2013
Asking these state prosecutors to talk about racial profiling is akin to asking George Zimmerma [...] Read more

At the Intersection of identity and Contingency

by Rebecca Dolinsky | July 11, 2013
Let's look at the demographics of non-tenure-track faculty and placing identity at the center o [...] Read more

Increasing Diversity in the Post-Fisher Era

by Richard A. Cherwitz | July 10, 2013
Without more persons of color earning advanced degrees, there will remain an inadequate supply [...] Read more

Continued Push Needed for STEM Training and Education Fund

by Lezli Baskerville | July 7, 2013
There are insufficient numbers of Americans generally and African-Americans particularly being [...] Read more