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Maybe We’re Not so Smart: Identifying Subconscious Bias and Micro-aggressions in Academia

by Ming Shi Trammel, Ph.D. and Marcia Gumpertz, Ph.D. | November 8, 2012
In the fall of 2009, we excitedly kicked off our program that would help to diversify our unive [...] Read more

The Dysfunctional Linking of Achievement and Race

by Aaron N. Taylor | November 2, 2012
For all its inadequacies, No Child Left Behind is based on a solemn premise — the belief that [...] Read more

First-Year Reflections

| October 31, 2012
Dr. Craig T. Follins recognized the importance of culture in his first year as president of Oli [...] Read more

Denver Area Doctor Makes Breakthrough on Down Syndrome

by Helen Hu | October 29, 2012
Dr. Alberto Costa’s discovery that a drug might help the memory of people with Down syndrome [...] Read more

Educational Debt, Disenfranchisement Factors in African-American Male Achievement Gap

by Autumn A. Arnett | October 24, 2012
Experts say academic support is just the beginning of preparation for making the most of opport [...] Read more

Knowledgeable Approach Can Take Stress Out of Affirmative Action Conversations

by Lena Martinez-Watts | October 19, 2012
The Supreme Court has heard Fisher v. University of Texas, a case about the use of race as a fa [...] Read more

Remembering Andrew Brimmer

by Dr. Lucy Reuben | October 17, 2012
First meeting Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer in 1985, I was as excited as a distant fan who finally meet [...] Read more

College Students Can Change Their Communities By Being Civic-Minded

by Dr.James Ewers Jr. | October 16, 2012
Edward Waters’ Dr. James Ewers discusses the value of civics. [...] Read more

Fisher v. The University of Texas: Why Should We Care?

by Gregory T. Chambers & Dr. Benjamin D. Reese, Jr. | October 15, 2012
On October 10, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Fisher v. University of Tex [...] Read more

From Jail to Juris Doctor

by Dorothy Givens Terry | October 11, 2012
James King’s experience on the undesirable side of the legal system spurred his drive to beco [...] Read more

Asian-American, Pacific Islanders Flying Under Radar as a Political Force

by Emil Guillermo | October 9, 2012
The group the Democrats take for granted and the Republicans totally ignore could make a differ [...] Read more

Katherine Archuleta is the First Latina to Direct a Major Party’s Presidential Campaign

by María Eugenia Miranda | October 5, 2012
When President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign appointed Katherine Archuleta national pol [...] Read more

The National Education Narrative

by Kamau Bobb, Ph.D. | October 3, 2012
Dr. Kamau Bobb discusses the intersection of higher education policy and national economic inte [...] Read more

In Defense of ‘Exploitation Games’

by Cheryl Davenport Dozier | October 1, 2012
Savannah State President Cheryl Dozier defends her institution’s decision to allow its footba [...] Read more

Commentary: Could End of Affirmative Action Be Boon for Black Colleges?

by Aaron N. Taylor | September 27, 2012
Students should choose HBCUs based not on attenuation of opportunities, but on tangible benefit [...] Read more