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Obama the Patriot

by David Pluviose | January 21, 2013
[portfolio_slideshow id=50823] Like many who are identifiably African-American, my feelings of [...] Read more

Reflections on the True Meaning of MLK Day

by Dr. Ivory A. Toldson | January 18, 2013
Each of us has the potential to be that spark that started a flame that created a fire. [...] Read more

A Realistic, Pro-Active Approach to Eradicating Hazing for Greek Organizations

by Howard E. Bailey and Aaron W. Hughey | January 16, 2013
As the general public is acutely aware, hazing by fraternities continues to be an ongoing probl [...] Read more

Pakistan, India Incidents Underscore Need to Confront Violence Against Women

by Aleena Gardezi | January 13, 2013
Dr. Anita Nahal says “any abuse committed against women and children around the world is actu [...] Read more

Sustaining the Future of HBCUs

by Dr. Robert Jennings | January 6, 2013
Almost every institution in America, if not the world, is seeking ways to enhance its stability [...] Read more

NFL’s Griffin, Wilson Following Ashe’s Lead

by G.E. Branch III | January 2, 2013
In 1989, trailblazing tennis player and activist Arthur Ashe said that he knew there were Black [...] Read more

New Year’s Resolution for Hampton University: Remove Hair Code

by Dr. Ibram H. Rogers | December 30, 2012
Time has come for this top-flight school to eschew flagrant assimilation and accommodation to a [...] Read more

Managing Media During the Holidays

by Glenn G. Sparks | December 24, 2012
Nearly 100 million Americans will travel during the coming holiday season to visit friends or f [...] Read more

Paradox of Gun Reactions to Connecticut Shooting

by Dr. Ibram H. Rogers | December 18, 2012
Our academics who live to think need to figure a comprehensive approach to gun control. [...] Read more

HBCUs’ Self-Inflicted Wounds, Friendly Fire and Other Consequential Outcomes

by Diverse Staff | December 16, 2012
.The high turnover rate in leadership at the nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universit [...] Read more

Cooper Protests for Free Tuition and a ‘Better Future’

by Dr. Ibram H. Rogers | December 12, 2012
“We live in a world where massive student debt and the rising cost of higher education remain [...] Read more

Black Men Face Cycle of Hostility, Vulnerability and Victimization

by Elwood Watson | December 6, 2012
There’s something very disturbing about how many people devalue and disregard Black life—in [...] Read more

Tie Government Funding to Ending College Athletics’ Discriminatory Hiring Practices

by Kevin B. Blackistone | December 4, 2012
Research shows that 90 percent of college presidents, 87.5 percent of athletic directors, and a [...] Read more

New Mind-Boggling Evidence Proves SAT Bias

by | December 2, 2012
After reading a recent post I wrote, a Diverse reader pointed me toward a study which strongly [...] Read more

A Crisis in Black Studies at Temple University

by | November 25, 2012
In the last few days, the graduate students in the Department of African American Studies (AAS) [...] Read more