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Grateful Lawyer Bequeaths $140 million to 3 N.C. Universities

by Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press | October 2, 2017 RALEIGH, N.C. — Three private North Carolina universities will share $140 million bequeathed Read more

University of New Hampshire President to Retire Next Year

by Associated Press | May 3, 2017
DURHAM, N.H. — University of New Hampshire President Mark Huddleston says he’s retiring [...] Read more

Crashing at Grandma’s? Some New York University Students to Bunk with Elderly

by Karen Matthews, Associated Press | December 18, 2016
NEW YORK — Ah, college. Halls of ivy. Stimulating class discussions. All-night cram sessions. [...] Read more

Temple University Makes Acting President Permanent

by Associated Press | October 12, 2016
PHILADELPHIA ― Temple University’s acting president is staying on as the head of the school [...] Read more

St. Bonaventure University President Announces Retirement

by Associated Press | January 19, 2016
OLEAN, N.Y. ― St. Bonaventure University President Sister Margaret Carney is retiring. The 74 [...] Read more

Morgan to Retire Amid ‘Unworkable’ Tennessee Board of Regents Shakeup

by Erik Schelzig, Associated Press | January 7, 2016
NASHVILLE, Tenn. ― Chancellor John Morgan is stepping down as head of the Tennessee Board of [...] Read more

Wilberforce University Names Veteran Educator Freeman as President

by Associated Press | September 29, 2014
The nation’s oldest historically Black private university named an educator and college admin [...] Read more

Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Highlights Tougaloo College’s Civil Rights Role

by Pearl Stewart | June 25, 2014
The Freedom 50 conference on the Tougaloo campus commemorates the 50th anniversary of the blood [...] Read more

Furious Flower Poetry Center Ensures Voices Like Angelou’s Continue to Be Heard

by Catherine Morris | June 10, 2014
Arguably one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, her work has been taken up by a new g [...] Read more

Scholars Reflect on Passing of Maya Angelou

by Jamal Watson | May 28, 2014
Legendary poet, pioneering civil rights activist mourned by many in the academy and beyond. [...] Read more

John Lewis Takes Readers on a ‘March’ through Civil Rights

by Reginald Stuart | February 13, 2014
John Lewis’ best-selling graphic novel depicting the civil rights movement is the first in a [...] Read more

Temple Leadership Ensures Diversity Remains Topic of Conversation

by Deidre Gordon Wilson | February 4, 2013
The university’s faculty and staff members have the opportunity to meet monthly in an effort [...] Read more