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Following $5 Million Gift, Sweet Briar College Looks to Expand its Top Scholarship

by | November 19, 2019 Sweet Briar College, a private women’s liberal arts college in Virginia, plans to “signific Read more

CalArts Community Arts Partnership Gets a New Director

by Janet Kline | July 21, 2019
 California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) has tapped Dr. Veronica Alvarez to be the new Dire [...] Read more

College of New Rochelle ‘Unlikely’ To Stay Open, Citing Financial Struggles

by | February 25, 2019
Officials from the College of New Rochelle (CNR) have announced that the college will likely sh [...] Read more

Immigration Ensures Diversity

by Thomas M. O'Reilly | January 21, 2018
It is estimated that immigration to the North American continent began no later than 10,000 B.C [...] Read more

Tuskegee’s New African-American Studies Minor Crosses Disciplinary Lines

by | January 17, 2018
Tuskegee University will introduce an African-American studies minor this fall. [...] Read more

Recent Trump Comments Smack of Racism

by | January 16, 2018
Last week, a number of journalists, radio hosts, pundits and ordinary folk have worked themselv [...] Read more

Study: Looming Student Loan Default Crisis Will Be Worse Than Projected

by | January 15, 2018
The looming student loan default crisis will be worse than previously thought, according to a r [...] Read more

Trump’s Comment Should Outrage Us All

by Vincent Intondi | January 14, 2018
One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of each semester is to review the class roster [...] Read more

Vanderbilt Pays Tribute to Black SEC Pioneer Player

by Pearl Stewart | January 11, 2018
Billed as “an evening of conversation about the intersection of race and sports,” Wednesday [...] Read more

When Promises Are Not Enough

by Brittany K. Robertson |
Promise scholarships have been regarded as key to economic growth in many states and municipali [...] Read more

After DACA Decision and Negotiations, Experts are Cautiously Hopeful

by | January 10, 2018
A federal judge in California on Tuesday ruled against the Trump administration’s repeal of t [...] Read more

What If the MLK Holiday Were April 4?

by Derek Alderman and Joshua Inwood |
Since its first observance in 1986, the Martin Luther King federal holiday has become an import [...] Read more

Modeling Student Success

by Walter Hudson |
Dr. Michelle Rosemond is the new executive director of retention and student success at Indiana [...] Read more

Praying for Kindness in 2018

by | January 9, 2018
I can remember people many years ago making New Year’s resolutions. These were things we want [...] Read more

Howard University May Require Long Term Maintenance Following Bomb Cyclone

by |
Howard University’s buildings were badly damaged last week when the steam flowing through the [...] Read more
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