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Study Abroad? College Students Drop, Rethink Plans

by MICHELLE R. SMITH, Associated Press Writer | November 20, 2009
Economic reality and money problems may be cooling the enthusiasm of U.S. college students to s [...] Read more

Study Identifies Factors Behind Successful Community College Transfers

by Karen Shih | November 19, 2009
Researchers focused on six Texas community colleges with large proportions of socioeconomical [...] Read more

Community Colleges Targeted by Goldman Sachs Small Business Initiative

by Associated Press |
Initiative by Goldman Sachs investment banking firm will funnel $200 million to higher educatio [...] Read more

Mississippi Plan to Consolidate Black Colleges Facing Opposition

by Diverse Staff and Associated Press | November 18, 2009
Opposition to Gov. Haley Barbour’s plan to merge Mississippi’s three historically Black sc [...] Read more

Revisiting Higher Ed Accountability in the Obama Era

by Arelis Hernandez |
Panelists at a Washington think tank conference on higher education accountability questioned [...] Read more

Getting Community Relations Down to a Science

by Lydia Lum | November 17, 2009
Dr. Rose Tseng, chancellor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, ensures the local community sh [...] Read more

As N.C. Families Struggle, College Aid Panel Meets

by Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press |
After N.C. lawmakers shuffled around financial aid programs around to help balance the state b [...] Read more

Study Abroad Participation Up, Except Among Minority Students

by Karen Shih | November 16, 2009
Despite targeted outreach and the availability of financial aid, minority-student study abroad [...] Read more

Mass. Immigrant Tuition Bill to Get New Push

by Associated Press |
The failure of Massachusetts, a left-leaning state that was the first to legalize gay marriage [...] Read more

MSIs To Get New Help in Going ‘Green’

by Charles Dervarics | November 13, 2009
A new grant to the United Negro College Fund should help a cross-section of minority-serving in [...] Read more

Teacher Shortage Gives Way to Teacher Glut

by Heather Hollingsworth, Associated Press Writer |
When Lilli Lackey started college, talk of a growing teacher shortage gave her confidence that [...] Read more

New Study Examines Gender-based Pay Gaps in Academia

by Lois Elfman | November 12, 2009
A paper in the new issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly examines gender-based pay gaps among [...] Read more

Schools Shun Kindle, Saying Blind Can’t Use It

by RACHEL METZ, AP Technology Writer |
Amazon's Kindle can read books aloud, but if you're blind it can be difficult to turn that func [...] Read more

Reporter’s Query

| November 10, 2009
Does it seem like, during hard economic times, diversity initiatives are the first to go? A goo [...] Read more

Louisiana Educators Turn to Trades to Cut Dropout Rate

by DOUG SIMPSON, Associated Press Writer |
A new Louisiana law created a "career diploma" that, in an effort to reduce the dropout rate, w [...] Read more