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Graduate Students Hopeful After Reported Elimination Of Tuition Waiver Tax

by | December 14, 2017
Graduate students across the country breathed a cautious sigh of relief as various reports indi [...] Read more

What Makes an African-American Novel a Classic?

by Tarshia L. Stanley | December 13, 2017
Dr. Henry Louis Gates begins the anthology, The Portable Nineteenth-Century African American Wo [...] Read more

A Letter to Today’s Undergrads

| December 12, 2017
Ph.D. student pens a letter to undergraduate students. [...] Read more

Herman J. Felton, Jr., Appointed President of Wiley College

by |
A day after Dr. Herman J. Felton Jr., announced that he would step down as president of Wilberf [...] Read more

Saint Anselm College Eliminates Application Fee for First-Generation Students

by |
A New Hampshire college seeks to increase diversity by immediately eliminating the enrollment a [...] Read more

Remembering Simeon Booker, “The Dean of Black Journalists”

by Reginald Stuart | December 11, 2017
Long before he retired from his daily work, Simeon Booker had earned widespread recognition as [...] Read more

Seasoned Administrator to Take Helm at Wilberforce University

by |
Dr. Elfred Anthony Pinkard—a seasoned college administrator who has spent most of his career [...] Read more

Higher Education Devalued Under Trump/GOP Tax Bill

by | December 10, 2017
The truth is anything connected to higher ed got the shaft in this massive legislation th [...] Read more

Critical Reading & the American Education System

by Michael Jauchen | December 7, 2017
The entirety of Geoffrey Galt Harpham’s slim but wide-ranging historical look at the rise of [...] Read more

Student-Athletes Share Perspectives at Intercollegiate Athletics Forum

by By Lois Elfman | December 6, 2017
Giving student-athletes opportunities to achieve academic excellence was a recurring theme at t [...] Read more

“No, I Do Not Work Here”

by Andrew Martinez |
Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry’s powerful speech at ASHE has empowered me to change the way I see t [...] Read more

SACSCOC Places Johnson C. Smith University on Probation

by Reginald Stuart |
Johnson C. Smith University, the small private 150-year-old liberal arts institution in Charlot [...] Read more

Study: Sexual Misconduct, Drug Misuse and Mental Health Are Major Issues at Community Colleges

by | December 5, 2017
While issues of sexual misconduct, drug misuse and mental health are much discussed in the high [...] Read more

Minority-Serving Institutions Anxious Over Tax Bill

by | December 3, 2017
Income tax on graduate student waivers, fewer deductions on student loans and the taxation of e [...] Read more

Dems Stopped Hillsdale College in Tax Bill, But Lost the War for Education

by |
It seemed like an exercise straight out of college life. It wasn’t an all-nighter, but close [...] Read more