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IHEP Releases Study Identifying Standards for Equity in Admissions

by | June 15, 2021 Commonly held policies in recruitment, demonstrated interest, early decision, legacy admission, Read more

Tennessee State University Raising Admissions Standards

by Associated Press | October 18, 2016
NASHVILLE, Tenn. ― Tennessee State University is planning to raise admissions standards for t [...] Read more

More than 10,700 Apply for Tuition-free Technical College

by Associated Press | May 18, 2015
More than 10,700 adults have applied for a state grant that would send them to technical colleg [...] Read more

MIT Apologizes for Mistaken Acceptance Emails

by Associated Press | February 12, 2014
Officials at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are apologizing after erroneously tellin [...] Read more

Tribal College ‘Beats the Odds’ to Find Academic Success

by B. Denise Hawkins | November 30, 2011
In 2011, the college awarded 204 diplomas and certificates, 155 in 2010 and 133 in 2009. [...] Read more

Study: Proposed University of Wyoming Admission Standards Tough on Minorities

by Bob Moen, The Associated Press | November 4, 2011
Minority students would have a tougher time being automatically accepted to the University of W [...] Read more

N.Y. Prosecutor: Better SAT Exam Security is Needed

by Frank Eltman, Associated Press | September 30, 2011
The administrators of college entrance exams should make immediate security changes to stop che [...] Read more

Leaders Sound Alarm for High School Class of 2012

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 26, 2011
During a Congressional Black Caucus panel discussion titled “The Class of 2012,” Florida Me [...] Read more

Career Compass Shows Way Ahead to College

by Lisa Lieberman | September 22, 2011
Louisiana nonprofit helps students find scholarships, apply and persist toward degree. [...] Read more

Along with Increased Test-taking, SAT Sees Drop in Average Scores

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | September 15, 2011
The nation’s average SAT scores dropped significantly in 2011 from last year, according to re [...] Read more

Conservative Group Says UW-Madison Admissions Favor Minorities

by The Associated Press | September 14, 2011
Black and Hispanic applicants were more likely to be accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Ma [...] Read more

New York Public Policy Think Tank Zeroes In on Debate Over Dwindling Resources in Higher Education

by María Eugenia Miranda | August 4, 2011
Just as the debate over resources has simmered down with a debt deal in Washington, policy anal [...] Read more

Grant helps attract underprivileged students to nursing careers

by WSU News Service | April 18, 2011
High school students in Washington State's poorest legislative district get introduced to nursi [...] Read more

Naval Academy Settles with Critical Professor

by Ben Nuckols, Associated Press | January 27, 2011
An outspoken critic of the U.S. Naval Academy's admissions policies has settled a complaint tha [...] Read more

Kansas Regents Approve Tougher University Admissions

by Associated Press | December 17, 2010
The Kansas Board of Regents on Wednesday approved tougher admission standards, particularly in [...] Read more
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