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Analysis: Meltdown Could Force College Aid Shift

by JUSTIN POPE, Associated Press | February 20, 2009
Johnny is a middle-class student who worked hard to get good grades and a high SAT score. Jane [...] Read more

Coming Soon: Cash for College Students’ Good Grades

by Lois Elfman | January 30, 2009
For the past several years economists and educators have been studying the impact of incentives [...] Read more

The Admissions Quandary Up Close and Personal

by PHUONG LY | November 13, 2008
Students gain a better understanding of the significance of diversity in admissions. [...] Read more

Baylor Backs Off Plan Offering Perks to Retake SAT

by Associated Press | October 17, 2008
Baylor University, facing sharp criticism for paying already-admitted students to retake the SA [...] Read more

Morgan State University President Set to Retire

by Dianne Hayes | October 1, 2008
After a challenging year riddled with accusations of questionable contracts at Morgan State Uni [...] Read more

College Board Reports Most Diverse Class of SAT Test-takers on Record

by Michelle J. Nealy | August 27, 2008
A record-number of students took the SAT this year, and the increase reflects on this year’s [...] Read more

ACT Scores Down, But More Students College-ready

by Associated Press | August 14, 2008
Average scores on the ACT college entrance exam dipped slightly for the high school class of 20 [...] Read more

Awards and Scholarships for Latinos

by Diverse Staff | July 16, 2008
Following are some recent awards and scholarships given to Latinos by various organizations in [...] Read more

The College Board Says SAT Writing Section Is More Predictive of College Success Than High School GPA for Minorities

by Michelle J. Nealy | June 18, 2008
The writing portion of the SAT, added three years ago, is the best predictor of college perform [...] Read more

Princeton’s Record on Asian Admissions Examined

by Associated Press | June 13, 2008
The U.S. Department of Education has broadened a review into whether Princeton University discr [...] Read more

In Brief: South African Dorm in Racist Video Site For New Diversity Center

by Associated Press | May 29, 2008
South African university dorm involved in racist video to become diversity institute; Wake Fore [...] Read more

University of California Makes Room for Record 60,000 Freshmen

by Associated Press | April 16, 2008
The University of California has accepted a record 60,008 California residents as freshmen for [...] Read more

UC System Considers Dropping SAT Subject Test Requirement

by Michelle J. Nealy | March 19, 2008
Facing pressure from an influential faculty group, the University of California system is consi [...] Read more

Holistic Admissions Review Not Being Utilized in California

by Michelle J. Nealy | February 5, 2008
Despite the official adoption of a holistic review of applicants to blunt the impact of the 199 [...] Read more

Achievement Gap May Be Tied To Teacher Qualification

by Michelle J. Nealy | January 29, 2008
Low-income and minority students are twice as likely as White and more affluent students to be [...] Read more