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Celebrating Black History in the New Millennium

by | February 19, 2015
There are some compelling issues to be examined regarding Black History Month as we know it to [...] Read more

Happy President’s Day for HBCUs? Not Likely

by | February 15, 2015
You would think with the first Black president in our country’s history, there would be more [...] Read more

Endowment Supports Diversity Efforts at Arkansas Law School

by Associated Press | January 13, 2015
A graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law has created an endowed fund to enhance a [...] Read more

Missionary Flight School Set to Take Off

by Erin Jester, The Gainesville Sun | January 4, 2015
There’s a revolution happening in Keystone Heights. [...] Read more

Friends University Plans New Tuition Strategy

by Associated Press | December 29, 2014
Friends University in Wichita is planning a new tuition strategy that it hopes will encourage m [...] Read more

Native Explorer

| December 4, 2014
In this issue, Diverse profiles the Bard Prison Initiative and other prison education programs, [...] Read more

For Americans Fighting to Reclaim Their Culture, Thanksgiving Means More Than Food

by Colleen Fitzgerald | November 25, 2014
Today, the Wampanoag and other Native American tribes give thanks for those who fight to bring [...] Read more

White House Now Turning Attention to Girls of Color

by Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press | November 12, 2014
The White House is planning to focus on improving the lives of girls and women of color, after [...] Read more

Remembering The First

by Angela P. Dodson | October 30, 2014
The American Indian College Fund suggests that one of the ways to observe Native American Herit [...] Read more

Tennessee Promise Program Has 35K Applications

by Associated Press | October 12, 2014
With the Nov. 1 deadline to apply approaching, the Tennessee Promise program could be on pace t [...] Read more

School Bets Video Game Scholarship Can Draw Talent

by Jason Keyser, Associated Press | October 6, 2014
CHICAGO ― As a teenager, holed up in his bedroom, illuminated by the glow of his laptop, Youn [...] Read more

‘Authentic’ Blackness Debate Continues

by | August 7, 2014
The fact is that most of us who are Black, regardless of socioeconomic status or educational le [...] Read more

Special Focus: STEM

| July 31, 2014
In this issue of Diverse, we look at STEM, or the science, technology, engineering and math di [...] Read more

The Redskins Fight and the Legacy of Richard Oakes

by | June 23, 2014
It’s amazing how even some young people at the school, and even some regular folks in the cit [...] Read more

Ho-Chunk Tribe Hopes Change Sends More to College

by Associated Press | May 5, 2014
The Ho-Chunk tribal legislature has proposed a policy it hopes will encourage members to better [...] Read more