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John Lewis Takes Readers on a ‘March’ through Civil Rights

by Reginald Stuart | February 13, 2014
John Lewis’ best-selling graphic novel depicting the civil rights movement is the first in a [...] Read more

University of Michigan Names Mark Schlissel New President

by Mike Householder, Associated Press | January 26, 2014
Brown University Provost Mark Schlissel was named Friday as the new president of the University [...] Read more

Native Americans Taking Stand for Education Against California’s Humboldt County Schools

by Emily Wilson | January 23, 2014
Humboldt, in the far north of the state, has a bad record of sending kids to college, but it’ [...] Read more

Univ. of Nevada Professor Works to Preserve California Indian History

by Pearl Stewart | January 13, 2014
Dr. William Bauer uses his teaching and writing to change preconceived notions about what Nativ [...] Read more

Crazy Horse Program Jumpstarts College Careers

by Dirk Lammers, Associated Press | December 23, 2013
Program’s CEO says about 68 percent of the students who have attended Indian University of No [...] Read more

Ute Tribe Wants More in Exchange for Use of Name

by Brady McCombs, Associated Press | November 12, 2013
The Ute Indian Tribe wants more in exchange from the University of Utah to continue allowing th [...] Read more

New Tribal College Slated to Open in California

by Ronald Roach | October 10, 2013
With the endorsement of more than 40 California Indian nations, a new nonprofit tribal college [...] Read more

North Dakota Tribal Colleges Racing to Keep Up With State’s Job Boom

by Associated Press | September 3, 2013
Four North Dakota tribal colleges will use state grants to develop and enhance programs that me [...] Read more

Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program

| August 4, 2013
Eastern Oregon University (EOU) seeks nominations, applications and expressions of interest for [...] Read more

USD Students Condemn Native Studies Program

by Associated Press | June 18, 2013
Some University of South Dakota students are criticizing the school's Native Studies major, say [...] Read more

Redskins’ Name Fight Shows Diversity Loosely Embraced

by | June 2, 2013
If Redskins name change issue is a barometer for real diversity in America, the outlook is not [...] Read more

St. Paul’s College Future in Limbo After Potential Lifeline Cut

by B. Denise Hawkins | May 16, 2013
Last November, St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, N.C., announced that it was stepping up t [...] Read more

Chief Group Wants to Resurrect Mascot at University of Illinois

by Associated Press | May 8, 2013
A group of University of Illinois graduates who in the past portrayed Chief Illiniwek is pitchi [...] Read more

American Indian Activist Horse Capture Dies

by Associated Press | May 2, 2013
American Indian activist, curator and professor George Horse Capture has died in Great Falls. H [...] Read more

Navajo Tech Continues Its Ascension

by Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press | April 21, 2013
A small college on the eastern edge of the nation's largest American Indian reservation is gett [...] Read more