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Study Notes College-access Barriers Faced By Asian American Students

by Add Seymour, Jr. | October 11, 2007
Despite the pervasive “model-minority” myth of overachieving Asian Americans easily getting [...] Read more

A Sign of the Times

by Hilary Hurd Anyaso | October 3, 2007
Prior to profiling Morehouse’s new president in the pages of Diverse, we reported online abou [...] Read more

Asianisation of Campus Fellowships

by Lydia Lum |
Students flock to university Christian groups to find solidarity and acceptance, say educator [...] Read more

Best & Brightest: Community College Grad Competes with the Best

by Molly Nance | September 24, 2007
In an auditorium brimming with a sea of the country’s brightest young scholars attending pres [...] Read more

ILLINOIS STYLE: Cultural differences may affect brain’s wiring

by Associated Press | September 19, 2007
CHAMPAIGN Ill. On Denise Park's office wall is a lovely Asian painting, kind of a market scene [...] Read more

Combating the Model Minority Stereotype

by Molly Nance | September 5, 2007
LOS ANGELES For more than a decade, a group of educational leaders within the University of Ca [...] Read more

Asian and Pacific Islander Students in California Say ‘Count Us Correctly’

by Margaret Kamara | August 23, 2007
When Christine Santos arrived at the University of California, Los Angeles from Guam in the fal [...] Read more

Educational Challenges of Some Asian Students Being Overlooked, Says GOA Report

by Margaret Kamara | July 30, 2007
The perception of Asian American and Pacific Islanders as the “model minority” because of t [...] Read more

Univ. of Mississippi to Open Japanese Saturday School

by Associated Press | July 16, 2007
OXFORD Miss. The University of Mississippi plans to open a Japanese Saturday school for childr [...] Read more

Loan debt: a new view

by Eric St. John | July 13, 2007
Student loan debt. It weighs heavily upon hundreds of thousands of Americans. It also is the le [...] Read more

Carving Out Their Own Niche

by By Lydia Lum | May 31, 2007
African-American cultural expression is one of the many influences fueling Asian-American artis [...] Read more

Asian Panel Debunks “Model Minority” Myth

by Margaret Kamara | May 10, 2007
When early news reports about the Virginia Tech shootings indicated the alleged perpetrator was [...] Read more

Asian Americans Urge Not to Stereotype Community

by Shilpa Banerji | April 20, 2007
Asian-American community members are fearful of a backlash given the recent events at Virginia [...] Read more

UCLA Expert Challenges The Asian-American “Model Minority” Assumption

by Shilpa Banerji | March 2, 2007
Asian-American youth are often portrayed as the “model minority” who have perfect SAT score [...] Read more


by By Lydia Lum | February 8, 2007
Ask the average person what comes to mind at the mention of the Black Panther Party... [...] Read more