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Message to our Readers

Message To College Papers: Leave Racial Satire Alone

by Shilpa Banerji | January 29, 2007
Recent parodies of Blacks and Asians in college newspapers in the name of satire have been met [...] Read more

Princeton Newspaper Column Prompts Calls Of Racism

by Associated Press | January 21, 2007
PRINCETON BOROUGH, N.J. An article in the annual joke issue of Princeton University’s studen [...] Read more

Sincerely “Reaching Out”?

by Dr. Thomas Landefeld | December 28, 2006
I was appalled by the fact that a column addressing “reaching and recruiting under represente [...] Read more

Refuting Myths

by Dr. Reginald Wilson | November 2, 2006
Very good analysis... [...] Read more

Perceptions and Realities

by Staff | October 5, 2006
Tension may exist between Blacks and Hispanics over jobs and political power in the United Stat [...] Read more

Asian Americans Aren’t White Folks’ ‘Racial Mascots’

by Frank H. Wu and William Kidder |
Affirmative action has almost always been framed as a Black and White issue... [...] Read more

Perspectives: Asian Americans Aren’t White Folks’ ‘Racial Mascots’

by Frank H. Wu and William Kidder | October 4, 2006
Although usually excluded from discussions about civil rights, Asian Americans are increasingly [...] Read more

Female Lawyers Of Color Jumping Ship From Big Firms, Study Says

by Associated Press | August 7, 2006
HONOLULU An American Indian attorney is asked where she keeps her tomahawk. White male part [...] Read more

Professor Named To Fill Endowed UCLA Chair On Japanese Internment

by Ronald Roach | July 5, 2006
After a year-long search, the Asian American Studies Center and Department at the University of [...] Read more

Getting In The Game

by Lydia Lum | April 6, 2006
Last season, news media from around the country fixated on the University of Southern Californi [...] Read more

Working Outside the System

by Lydia Lum | February 9, 2006
Every January, the nation pauses to celebrate the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. [...] Read more

Swept Into the Background

by Lydia Lum | December 15, 2005
The entire world saw the images of Black New Orleans residents left homeless... [...] Read more

University of Michigan Faculty Seek Help After Asian Students Harassed

by Staff and News Wire Report | October 20, 2005
Several University of Michigan faculty members have asked school president Dr. Mary Sue Coleman [...] Read more

Blacks, Hispanics Trail Whites, Asians in Colorado schools

by Associated Press | October 10, 2005
Black and Hispanic schoolchildren don't fare as well as White and Asian classmates in math, rea [...] Read more

Asian American Leaders Criticize Handling of Student Complaint by Washington Human Rights Commission

by Associated Press | October 6, 2005
Asian American students and community leaders are criticizing a state Human Rights Commission t [...] Read more