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Calif. Court Mulls Reversal of Century-old Racist Ruling

by Paul Elias, Associated Press | March 16, 2015
The California Supreme Court is mulling whether to reverse a 125-year-old decision to deny a Ch [...] Read more

Dori Maynard Was a Champion for Diversity in Journalism

by | March 1, 2015
Despite her passing, fight for more journalists of color must continue. [...] Read more

The Lunar New Year Starts and the Day of Remembrance Never Ends

by | February 23, 2015
Special times as communities celebrate and commemorate. [...] Read more

Putting ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ in Context with Black History Month

by | February 8, 2015
Southern Blacks and Chinese have lived together since the 1870s. [...] Read more

Disaggregating Asian American Pacific Islanders

by | January 25, 2015
New push to disaggregate data that uncovers disparities for NHPIs. [...] Read more

China Leader: More Party Control Over Colleges

by Associated Press | December 30, 2014
China’s president has called for the Communist Party’s leadership over the country’s univ [...] Read more

Scholars: China Government Gets Foothold on U.S. Campuses

by Matthew Pennington, Associated Press | December 4, 2014
A congressional hearing was told that China’s authoritarian government is funding dozens of i [...] Read more

In Case You Missed It…

| November 7, 2014
Many For-Profit Institutions Do Little to Benefit Students Review: Howard Fuller Chronicles His [...] Read more

China Bans Books by Pro-Hong Kong Protest Author

by Didi Tang, Associated Press | October 14, 2014
Authorities in China have ordered books by Chinese-American scholar Yu Ying-shih to be removed [...] Read more

Top 100 Degree Producers Special Report

| October 9, 2014
Our annual Top 100 Degree Producers special report — the only national report on the ability [...] Read more

Hong Kong Students on Strike in Democracy Battle

by Kelvin Chan, Associated Press | September 22, 2014
Thousands of Hong Kong college and university students boycotted classes Monday to protest Beij [...] Read more

The Invisible Quality of Whiteness in Our Schools

by Gilda Ochoa | August 27, 2014
Even when Whites are a small percentage of students, whiteness still dominates. [...] Read more

Northern State University Pushing for Chinese, Cultural Language Center

by Kevin Burbach, Associated Press | August 17, 2014
Northern State University is moving forward with plans to create a Chinese language and cultura [...] Read more

Diversity Oversight? Obama’s Initiative, My Brother’s Keeper, Now Includes All

by | July 21, 2014
Program expands for Asian American, Native American boys; involves schools and possible local f [...] Read more

China Says 127 Students Hired Others to Take Exam

by Associated Press | June 18, 2014
At least 127 test-takers in a Chinese province hired other people to take the country’s all-i [...] Read more